Wednesday, February 9, 2022



Happy Wednesday. How has your week been so far?  We have fallen into our normal routine, finally.  That will be short lived though.  This Friday, our bathroom cabinets will be delivered.  Destruction of our bathrooms vanity areas will begin the following week...........we hope.

I have been feeding my sourdough the past few days and it has really taken off.  So, what do you do when you have a lot of starter and do not want to make bread?

You make sourdough/cinnamon/vanilla waffles.  Hubby was very happy to see these when he got up this morning.  This is what you do when you are up at 4 in the morning.

I love my little waffle maker too.

This is sitting on a salad plate.  Isn't it adorable?  For a $10 appliance, it is a real work horse.  

I have been harvesting from my Aero-Garden each day this week.  On Monday, I made meatball subs and had hubby cut some basil leaves to put on the sub rolls for a little extra oomph.  It was so yummy.  Last night I harvest quite a bit of lettuce for our tacos.  The lettuce really needed to be cut back as it was starting to overshadow my tomato plants.  So this morning it looks like this.

It is still going strong.  I am trying to be patient on the cherry tomato plants.  They seem to be very slow going.

Today, hubby and I have eye exams.  We are trying a new provider this year.  Hopefully we will like this one.  This will be our 4th provider in about 10 years.  It seems so many individual providers are letting some of these large chains take them over.  This sees patient care go the way of a cattle car.  They just push you through as fast as they can without really listening to the patient about any issue they are having.  Since I am on a medication that requires yearly eye exams, I really need to have someone that is willing to take the time and do a detailed exam, especially of my retina.  

I still need to make tortillas today for our dinner tonight.  My goal is to make them using sourdough starter this time.  Hopefully they will have a bit of a sourdough tang to them.

There has also been knitting each day.  Only two projects on the go (socks and poncho).  I am itching to get back to cross stitching.  Before I do, I want to finish Hubby's socks.  The poncho will not be needed for several months.  That means it can languish along with the Giant Granny Square blanket.  

What are you up to this week?

Until next time.............................................................


  1. There are few things as majestic as a seguaro against a beautiful sunset!
    I tossed the waffle maker when we moved. I'm regretting that now. May have to buy a new one.
    My husband had his second cataract surgery yesterday with our eye doc, who I hate. I found a great one, but he moved. I'll be looking for a new one. I don't know how Keith tolerates the current one. He is grouchy and not very helpful. Apparently he does know how to do cataract surgery.

  2. Those waffles are of a good size. We will be finding another optometrist this year also. The week is flying by. I have some ingredients to pick up tomorrow. Have dessert to slowly make this weekend for Sunday and I'm trying to slowly work on a book post.

  3. I hope you will post pics of your tortillas!

  4. I just picked up my new glasses from a new provider (we moved) and they are fantastic. My only gripe is that they were expensive even with our vision insurance...

  5. What an adorable little waffle maker. I'll have you know... I was here earlier today, but after seeing your little waffles I got a hankering for some frozen blueberry pancakes I had made earlier in the week and froze the extra. Thank you for that little power of suggestion. It was a yummy snack. :)

  6. Beautiful sunset picture!! Truly breathtaking. Cute little waffle maker. Can't think the last time I made waffles, or pancakes..though I do like them both. Have never made sourdough, but using it for waffles sounds like a great idea. I would imagine you could make a bunch and once cooled they could be frozen, then pop them into the toaster? I've been seeing so many positive comments about aero-gardens on the net; might look into getting one.


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