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Sunday, February 13, 2022

YOP 11 WEEK 33


Hello again.  Do you notice anything different with my blog today?  On the right hand toolbar, there is a place where you can now enter your email address and each time I update my blog, you will get an email alerting you.  I want to thank Becki of Field Lilies blog, for finding this wonderful little tool we blogspot bloggers can use.  

There has been quite a bit going on at Casa De Noce this past week.  Sit back and relax for a few minutes and enjoy the show.


Every time I work on a puzzle, it brings back memories of sitting for several hours working puzzles with my mom during her last years.  They are wonderful memories.  I finally finished a puzzle this week.  It does not bring back lovely memories this time.  It was a horrible puzzle!

Say hello to Grogu (the child) from The Mandalorian.  See all that 'gold' stuff in the middle?

Here it is again around the top of his neck.  Do you know what it is?  This is the way 3D puzzles look when you take a photo straight on.  The box calls it 3D............it reminds me of hologram stuff.  All I can tell you is, it was a bear to put together.  All the pieces were so similar in size.  You had to be super careful that the edges matched 100%.  Not to mention there were ridges on the top of each piece and those ridges needed to all go the same direction!

This came in a box with 2 puzzles.  Each is only 500 pieces.  I gently folded this one and put it back in the box.  The other puzzle is still in the box, unopened.  Both of these are going to my Son's house.  I refuse to work the other one!  Puzzles are supposed to be enjoyable and these are not that way for me.  This 500 piece puzzle took me over 2 months to complete!

Once I cleared off my puzzle board of Grogu, I started on a new puzzle.

This is much more to my liking.  It is 1000 pieces with lots of color and interest in it.  Kind of takes me back to my youth in the 60's.  I worked on this one for a couple of hours yesterday and really enjoyed it.


This past week saw me working on hubby's RCR socks.

They are halfway to the toe.  I need to thank Liz for finding out the name of this yarn for me. It is West Yorkshire Spinners Bluefaced Leicester sock yarn in Wood Pigeon color.  I purchased this from a friend several years ago when she was destashing her yarn before she moved out of state.  This yarn is a dream to work with.  The socks feel like they will be a sturdy wear too.

Then there is my poncho.

There were only 4 rows added this week.  I am not sure I am enjoying how opened the fabric is on this.  I am tempted to go back to where I switched to the US size 11 needle and got back to the US size 10.  You can see where the switch was made and the fabric is very loose.  I am afraid that it will not be warm enough, especially if there is any wind at all.  What would you do?  It sits in time out until a decision is made.  I believe the main problem is, the pattern says to use an Aran weight yarn yet what the designer used is more on the bulky side rather than the worsted side.  Maybe I need to find a different pattern????


The aero-garden continues to produce lovely vegetation for our meals.

We have harvested lettuce 3 times now as well as basil once.  I need to do a little bit of harvesting again today as the lettuce is really overtaking the planter.  The tomato plants are finally getting some growth on them.  Last week I pruned all but one stalk out of them according to the instructions of the gardening guide.  That really seemed to help them take off.  The basil was used in our meatball subs this week.  OH MY!  It was do yummy.  Tonight we are doing pizza and I will be adding fresh basil leaves on the top to give it a bit of oomph.  This has now been growing for 28 days.


We got a delivery on Friday.

These are our new bathroom vanities.  Our person putting them in will start on Tuesday.  So,  we will once again be in remodeling mode for the next 2 months.  The counter top people can not come out and measure until the cabinets are 100% installed.  Then it takes another 4 weeks for the counter tops to arrive and get installed.  This needs to be coordinated with the plumber who happens to be the person installing the cabinets for us.  Oh, and the weird blue light on the left side?  That is an LED night light for our dogs.  It is plugged in right next to the doggy door.  Luna (our old lady) was having a problem finding the door at night time so I put this out there to help her 'see' where it is.

On top of the remodeling of our 2 main bathrooms, we have a swimming pool guy coming to drain our pool and clean all the tile and repair any damage.  He will be here next week and will take 2-3 days to complete his work.  Then another pool guy is coming to take out our salt system and make it strictly chlorine based.  We have had to replace our salt cell every other year to the tune of over $400 each time.  We can buy a whole bunch of chlorine for that price!  We were told if it is the soft water feel we enjoy (which it is) just to add pool salt to the water and we will still get that nice soft water feel.  I can do that!

Our oldest dog (Luna) has been a problem eater for the past month or so.  She totally refuses her kibble and is selective about what wet food she will eat.  So, being the good dog owner I am, I searched the internet for home made dog food.  I wanted something that would give her all the nutrients she needed on a daily basis.  After about a week of going through copious amounts of recipes, I finally found one that basically had all the ingredients of her favorite (very expensive) dog food.  It is chicken based with lots of veggies and rice added in.  If you are interested, leave a comment and I will give you the recipe.  I fed it to Luna for the first time last night and she loved it.  In fact, she licked the bowl after it was all gone.  WIN-WIN for us.  Enrique still eats his kibble and I will not switch him over.  He is not a fussy eater.........yet.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday for us in the US.  My plan is to make an apple cobbler for tonight's dessert as well as home made pizza for dinner.  There is knitting to be done as well as some puzzle pieces that need to be put in too.  

If you made it all the way to the end of this blog post.............congratulations!  I would appreciate it if you would leave me a comment answering the questions I posed in this post.

Until Next Time............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a shame you didn’t enjoy your puzzle, but I am absolutely with you on moving on when you’re not enjoying something. I’m doing more of this with knitting projects I just don’t love. I’m glad you managed to find something Luna will eat, animals can be tough at times. Dylan my house rabbit will suddenly decide he doesn’t like the hay he’s half way through and then it’s a case of looking for whichever one he’s decided he is in the mood for.

  2. Good to know about 3D puzzles. We started a Poe based puzzle that my daughter-in-law gave hubby for Christmas but the pieces were so dark it was very difficult to figure out what went where. We put it away as I'm in your camp that working on a puzzle is supposed to be fun. I agree that your poncho fabric looks a bit open. I knit a sweater with an open fabric and now I don't like it that well. I do still wear it but it would be better with a more dense fabric. Best wishes on all your remodeling.

  3. I thought blogger had stopped with the email subscription thingey. That is why I went to using the bloglovin' link. Good to know it is back in the mix. Your aero garden is amazing. I am going to see if I can source one for myself. I love the idea of fresh lettuce and herbs!

    1. Blogger didn't being the email thingy back. It is from "follow it". Youbhave to import the infonto your blog. Becki talks about it on her latest blog post.

  4. I haven't put together a puzzle for a very long time; it seems therapeutic. I love Grogu; I had bought the husband his bobblehead two Christmases ago; he loves it.

  5. Oooh... very cool that you're using the follow.it service. I hope we find it satisfies a much missed option we used to have on our Blogger blogs. That puzzle does sound challenging, but I wish I could see it in person. Can't quite imagine how it looks 3-D.

    Your aero garden is looking (and sounding) very impressive. I think it's amazing you've been eating off of it already.

    I hope you share with us some of the remodel that's happening. How exciting it must feel, but what a long time this will take. We were never up for any serious home remodel projects, but I love seeing others' remodels. :) I hope you have a good week, Marsha!

  6. I can only do puzzles the size that can be completed in one day as I become addicted instantly and the “5 more pieces before I go to bed”…”another 5 pieces before I go to bed”…and so on becomes me going to bed at 4am when the puzzle is finished. I have been always getting your blog posts emailed to me since the start of following you and now don’t know how that happened if you’ve only just added the feature. With the poncho if it is feeling a bit loose now, once it has the weight of the rest of the poncho pulling down on the stitches then I think it will seem even looser. So if it was me, I’d go down a needle size and calculate the stitches changes needed, or go up a size if there are sizings on a poncho pattern.

  7. you are a good dog mom :) All of the bathrooms in this house are dated but we have other pressing matters that top that work. Puzzles remind me of my Gram who would do them with me :)

  8. I'd say you need to go to a bulkier yarn or go down a needle size. Or just find another pattern. I love Noncho, which is a poncho despite the name.
    I will never do a 3-D puzzle. That looks impossible.
    I sympathize with you on the eye doctor issue. I have some doctor friends, and they are frustrated with the push for profits. They say they are under a lot of pressure to see more patients per hour. So frustrating!

  9. I didn't even know they had puzzles like that...thanx for the warning! I would find a different pattern if I were you. I love WYS's yarn. I've made several pair of socks from it and have been very pleased. I'm so glad your garden is working out for you. I think that would be perfect for me too. It's so nice you can get all that work done on your house. Also, that's wonderful that you found a recipe for Luna that she loves!

  10. I do love both of your puzzles but I would not havd the patience for that second one (the donated one!) The camper van however - exactly ip my street!

  11. Your puzzles are great. My daughter loves doing puzzles. I would rather knit. So we’ve compromised, I work on the puzzle with her for a bit, then sit at the table and knit while she continues the puzzle. I love the coloring of your sock.


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