Sunday, October 6, 2019


Well, hello there.  How are y'all today?  We are all fine here.  Just kicking back and watching American Football.  Want to see what I accomplished this week?  OK, then, here we go.

First up is a finished object!

The Pine Lake Shawl is off the needles as of Tuesday night.  It is all I worked on from the last update until it was finished.  On Sunday, last week, I did frog it from the size 8 US needles and cast it back on to a size 9 US needle.  I love the drape of the fabric now.  It still needs to be blocked so the lace section will open up more.  Maybe this week will see that happen...............maybe.

After the shawl was done I decided to focus my attention to my Fawkes sock.

The orange marker is where I was last Sunday.  I have 8 more rows and the heel gusset will be completed and then it is on to the foot.  This sock has the pattern continue on the top of the foot until the toe is started.  I kind of like that as it isn't quite as boring as just knitting in the round row after row.  I do promise as soon as this sock is done I will cast on the second sock.

Other than that I have not done any other fiber stuff.  The alpaca shawl and the cardigan are staring at me asking why they have not gotten any love this past week.  (shrugs shoulders) Just didn't feel like it.

The one thing I did start last week was this:

A Thomas Kinkaid puzzle.  It is 1000 pieces, so I think it will be a few whiles before I finish it.  I have 5 more puzzles, after this one, to do.  Of course, I have not been back to my friend's house lately to see if he has anymore he wants to get rid of.

That is all the crafting I did this week.  I did have someone else do some crafting on me this week though.

I finished up my family's tattoos.  I have had the bunny/butterfly, in honor of my mother, since last August (yes I know it needs a touch up but it was done in TX and the local artists do not want to touch someone else's work).  The top one is in honor of my brother who I lost in January this year.  He was a BIG motorcycle geek and was a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association.  The bottom right is for my dad who I lost in 1976.  He was a very devout Christian, was retired Navy and loved without question.  (Cross, heart, anchor).  I am the last one in my immediate family now, so there will not be anymore ink in my future.

In other news................I finally got back to my hair stylist that truly 'gets' me.  She was able to get my hair back into the undercut I love.  I have been struggling with a bad cut I got 3 months ago by one of her co-workers. She finally gave me her cell phone number so I can text her to find out when she will be working!  Thank you Sarah!

Hubby made it home safely last Sunday.  It is nice to have him back home.  My dogs are not great conversationalists.  But, they are great listeners LOL.  

I have bread in the bread maker, pork red chili in the crockpot and pinto beans cooking on the stove top.  I caved and bought tortillas instead of making them myself this time.  Since dinner is already cooking I now have the rest of the day to do what I want to do.  Sounds like a perfect knitting day here. 

Last and not least......................we had a bit of an increase in our temperatures this past week.  We will be close to 100 again on Monday and Tuesday. (Sigh)  Then it heads back down to the 80's (hooray).  It is October, right?

OK, that is all for me today.

Until Next Time....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh goodness, if I had a 1000 piece jigsaw out on a table I’d have done nothing else, I find it too addictive and have been known to not wash, get dressed or eat because I am just going do 10 more pieces!! And another just 10 more! I have no vices and not really an addictive nature but I can’t walk past a jigsaw. I’m glad the larger needle has given you a shawl you are happier with, although with 100°F in October I wonder when you get to wear shawls?

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  2. You got the shawl done so quickly Marsha!!! Great job, it looks so dainty! :) The sock is coming along so well, I do love those colours, they look like candy, I could eat them...but then I'm starving so I could eat just about anything right now lol.

    I LOVE your tattoos! They are beautiful and so symbolic! Wonderful! Enjoy your football afternoon!! :)

  3. What a wonderful day, I hope it panned out as planned. But the temperatures don't sound nice, here's to some chillier weather.

  4. Love the tattoos and the explanations for them. I really like the colour of your shawl and I am glad you are happier now with the drape. My mouth is watering hearing about your crockpot. I bet your house smells delicious! A perfect day for knitting (and talking to your husband) for sure.

  5. The shawl came out lovely (just one week?!) and I hope the temperatures come down enough for you to wear it soon. Pretty, pretty socks too. The other two yarny projects will wait until you're more in the mood -- a new puzzle sounds like just the change of pace. And finally, your tattoos are awesome. I hope they make you happy to have your family written on you like I'm sure they're written on your heart.

  6. I really like how the symbols of your ink is meaningful and thoroughly explains each person.

  7. Your Pine Lake Shawl is pretty, Marsha. And are we supposed to hold you to making the second sock? lol I haven't worked a puzzle in a long time, but your mention of them always makes me want to start one. And then I guess I get over it. ;^) The tattoo that represents your brother is intriguing. I really like the slightly abstract image that has a very literal representation. I hope it cools off for you soon. That sounds crazy hot to me for October!

  8. Love the Pine Lake Shawl! Do you give them all away or do you save some for yourself? Do people wear all these shawls or do they just enjoy making them? I only like them now that I've seen how they wear them around the neck. I could never just have one around my would be on the floor in a heartbeat. I am too active but I do like the wrap around the neck. I must admit I have used them in bed when I sit up and read in winter after turning the heat down.
    I have no interest in getting tattoos. They are beautiful and artistic but it's just not me. But then I am pretty jewelry either....plain Jane that's me! LOL! Yours are precious and have so much meaning for you. When Jim was in the hospital they took his finger print and you can have jewelry made from it. I was thinking his sister might like that. I'll have to see how much it costs. She is the jewelry person. The sock looks great! Puzzles are fun and that one looks like a beauty. Dinner sounds good! It reminded me to put pulled pork sandwiches on my menu with coleslaw. It's cooler here! Like 53 F this morning and 70's during the day! PTL! Enjoy!

  9. Your tattoos are wonderful and so meaningful. Love the colour of the socks, hope you get to start the second one soon. I can smell your dinner way down here, LOL.Hope the weather cools down soon for you so that you can wear your lovely shawl.

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