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Sunday, January 20, 2019

WEEK 30 of YEAR 8

Sunday mornings are so special. I get out of bed, turn on my coffee, feed the dogs, grab my breakfast and sit down with my computer.  For the next couple of hours it is all about blogs.  Both composing and reading.  It is my favorite day of the week.  I am able to connect with other people all over the world who, like me, love to play with fiber, cloth, thread and recipes.  My hubby doesn't understand my glee about this time of day, but has learned to respect it and leaves me in peace for those few hours.  (smart man!)

This week ended up being both productive and destructive.  So here we go.

I do have a finished object:

Sock #1 is completed............finally!  Or is that 1/2 of an FO?  Sock #2 looks like this:

It is coming along quite nicely.  I am hoping to complete it by the end of the month if not sooner.  Then it will be time to cast on another pair.  I haven't decided if they will be plain self striping or a special pattern sock.  I have thinking time.

Remember this?

It has now taken residence in my trash can.  I finished the first point and started the second one.  There were holes between them that needed stitching and it was so fiddly. I finally just said 'forget it'.  It was not bringing me joy at all.  I did love making the centers but the points were not going to do it for me.  It was a great learning experience and I did 'meet' some lovely people from Germany and other parts of Europe during the KAL.

Wanting to feel accomplished, I went on a dishcloth making craze.  I have finished 8 or 9 cloths which I will photograph for the end of the month. (good idea Becki)  They are all the same pattern but I messed with colors while making them to mix it up a bit.

There was a bit of mail for me this week too.  No, not yarn, but things to make my yarn happy.

This pattern holder is marvelous,  I own the 'big' one and it is nice because you can actually put an entire magazine in it's pocket.  The above holder does not have a pocket but is perfect to hold my pattern repeats such as sock patterns have.  I also got extra magnets to go with it.  They seem to disappear at times for me.  Don't you just love the knitted stitches for the background?

Here is another happy little toy I got.

A 'fix it" tool on a key ring.  I have another one that is in my notions box.  It is not on a key ring but just floats around on it's own.  I have 'lost' it several times so thought it a wise move to have an extra one hanging around.  BTW, I do not call it a 'fix it' tool.  I have a much different name for it.  It is the phrase I use when I drop a stitch.

The only other acquisition from this week were these:

New glasses!  Last year I allowed the optical lady to convince me how wonderful I looked in pale peach frames.  I hated them the entire year I wore them.  This year, I picked out my own pair.  I like fun glasses and with these being blue and purple, they fit the bill.  Plus they are my favorite colors. (Don't mind the bags under my eyes.....this was taken about 5 minutes after I woke up.) 

This afternoon we will be attending a special celebratory Mass for one of our favorite priests.  It is the 15th anniversary of his ordination.  The Mass will be in Vietnamese, but that is OK.  The Mass is the same no matter what language it is in.  Afterwards, there will be traditional foods from Vietnam and lots of fellowship.  We love this priest and are so blessed to know him.

The rest of the week is pretty normal.  Monday, is a holiday for us.  (Martin Luther King day)  Tuesday is a quiet day per my calendar.  Wednesday, I take my BFF, again, for her MRI (She has the correct meds this time), Thursday is Prayer Shawl group and Friday there is a HUGE sale at one of our family run quilting stores here.  Looks like there will be plenty of knitting/crocheting/sewing time this week.

Until next time...................Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Yeah, it is the right decision to frog something you do not like! Good to hear that you enjoyed the KAL nevertheless. I love the colour of your new glasses!

  2. Sometimes you just need to frog something! I know this year will be a lot of frogging and reclaiming for me. I need to get on that... I can even procrastinate on frogging, haha.

    Woah, I've never of patten holders before! That's awesome. What a lovely design. Looks so handy.

    Loving the new glasses. They look great and colourful! Glad to hear you had a good week. :)

  3. I love Sundays too for reading the blogs and getting lots of inspiration. I had a thought about your star if it's rescuable from the trash. You could bind it off as a Pentagon place mat for under a plant or for your table. To have done all that work seems a shame to have nothing to show for it and it may look nice as a place mat.

  4. Love the new glasses. Right decision to stop - if it doesn't bring you joy, don't do it. I have definitely been in that mood these last couple of weeks!

  5. I love your new glasses! I'm due for a new pair soon, so maybe I'll go fun this time around. ;^)

    Seems like you and I had a similar epiphany this week. Life is too short to work on something that brings no joy (well, unless it's something that needs doing, of course... but yarny crafts don't fit that bill - not for me!) What does Marie Kondo say... "thank the thing for its service (or something like that) and let it go?" I will thank my project for teaching me some lessons and I will happily wave bye bye as it lands in the trash can. :)

    I hope you had a wonderful Mass today - how interesting to experience it in another language. Have a good week, friend!

  6. The right decision on a project, is quite often to just quit it. If it's not bringing you joy why force it so I'm glad you got rid of it and can now spend your time working on projects you do like and enjoy. Love the sock and the second looks like it will be finished in not time at all Marsha.
    I love the new glasses, they look a lot more like you, which reminds me I was reminded this week about needed to go for a retest, looks like I may be getting some new glasses soon also lol

  7. I have had the same experience with some projects - frustration or dissatisfaction - and sometimes only throwing the whole thing away makes me feel better. In fact, if I saved the yarn by pulling it out and tried to work it into another pattern, the second project isn't quite right either. It is like the yarn is cursed!! Haha

    Nice socks.

  8. That's great that you had the wisdom to frog a project you weren't enjoying. And I love you glasses -- those are my favorite colors too. Enjoy your week!

  9. My goodness what a week you had. LOVE the cool new glasses. I too like colorful ones and had red, black and white in my previous pair that I really liked; but couldn't get them to put lenses into them...they needed to take them from me and I can't be without my glasses so got a pair that are ok, not great. I am a hard to fit, so never have many choices. Socks looks awesome and hurry for your Sunday am time for blogging and connecting.

  10. Your socks are almost finished! I am so sad about your star.....you were almost finished but like you said....if it's not giving you joy...give it up. Love your new accessories! Most of all your glasses are gorgeous and you look so good in them! When I got my Kate spade red glasses I just loved them and still do. When I went back to the eye doctor they said they were so glad I picked those as they look really nice. As we age we lose color in our face etc.....I think the colored glasses add a bit of pizazz when and where I need it most! LOL!
    Sounds like a great week ahead for you...enjoy!

  11. I love how you have Vietnamese Mass at your church. My neighbor goes to the Vietnamese services at her church. Fun frames; I am a it-must-look-good-on-me gal when it comes to glasses. Mine are slightly cat eyes in black and while they're "Asian Fit" they still slide down. What a lovely way to spend your Sundays; I like how you make time to catch up on crafty blogs, etc.

  12. Hi Marsha :) Oh I'm with you...I love those mornings when I can just have a nice quiet morning, coffee...dogs and cats...then blogging time! :) Those socks are awesome! Nice new glasses!!! I always buy a purply/reddish type of frame because I think it looks good with my eye colour! If I took the lady at the optician's advice, I'd look like Woody Allen lol... Enjoy your week! :)

  13. Loving the new glasses! And the socks!

    And sometimes a project just needs to be abandoned and frogged. In the end we all knit and crochet because we enjoy it so there is little point continuing on when a project becomes just a pain! :D


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