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Sunday, December 16, 2018


Another week as passed us by.  Did you make the most of it?  Are you stressing out about making sure everything is perfect for the next few weeks?  Do you have company coming in that you need to entertain?  Are there items on your to do list that seem to keep moving from day to day because 24 hours is not enough time to complete them all?  Are these questions adding more stress to your life?  Then stop!!!!! Grab your favorite beverage and a little snack, sit back, take a deep breath and take some 'me' time.  How about we look at someone else's week?  I promise not to add to you stress if you continue reading.

It was a lovely week for me and mine.  There was quite a bit of crafting done this week.

First up.....................................

Project bags.  Nineteen of them to be exact.  I started working on them on Sunday afternoon and completed the final one on Tuesday at lunch time.  The sewing of them takes no time at all.  The most time consuming part is ironing all the seams so when the lining goes in it lays nicely.

Most of them were lined with medium weight muslin.  I use snaps for closure as I find zippers can catch on the yarn and cause issues.  Don't even talk to me about Velcro and yarn!  Anyway........The ladies at the Prayer Shawl Christmas party were so excited to get them.  I have a few left over that will be going to the Prayer Shawl meeting this week.  There were a few ladies unable to make the party because of illness.  I want to make sure they get a bag also.

Once the bags were completed, the Advent scarf got my attention for 2 days.

The red line is where I was last week.  I got quite a bit done on it but am still very far behind.  I am on the pattern chart for December 3 and since today is the 16th......well you get the idea.  I am printing out the instructions as they are posted so when the KAL is completed, I will still be able to work on this.  It is a lovely pattern and I do enjoy working on it.  It does require my full attention though so it is best done during sporting events on the TV LOL.

Here is the progress on my other KAL.

The first middle of the star is completed and I started the second one last night.  The needles on the left are 5 inches and the ones on the right are 7 inches.  That should help with the perspective of the size of this.  Hubby was looking at it today and asked the most incorrect question................."what do you do with it?"  I had a very naughty reply at the ready but stopped myself and just told him it was decorative and would be going to the bed in the teen's room.  

The socks are still in time out.  My focus is really on the KAL's at this time.

I do have an FO!

Not the best photo as it is dark here so early and my inside light is never as good as natural light.  But the point is......................the 'To the Point' shawl is completed and ready to go to the Prayer Shawl closet at church.  I am happy to see the color changes seemed to happen at perfect points of this shawl.  This is by far, my favorite shawl pattern to make for Prayer Shawls.  It sits on your shoulders without needing to hold on to it.  This time, I added one row of half double crochet and then one row of single crochet on the bottom of it.  Because of the fillet crochet, it feels a little wimpy at the bottom.  The two added rows were just perfect to make it feel a bit heftier.

Friday night our local Grand had her band concert.  Those kids have some talent!  Their music director must have the patience of Job.  I know those kids and they can be a handful at times.  After the concert, hubby and I came home and had a little refreshment.

Eggnog!  I know there are many out there that can not stand the stuff.  Hubby and I love it!  We have not had any for 2 years though.  I found some 'low fat' eggnog at the store and decided to try it.  Pretty darn tasty if you ask me.  And before you ask...............yes, we add spiced rum to ours.  But the main thing is the glass it is in.  We only have 2 of these glasses and the only time they are used is for eggnog.  I just love the little reindeer dancing around the glass.

I just peeked at my calendar for next week.  Not too bad!  Other than normal everyday stuff  there are only 2 extra appointments next week and one is the Grand Daughter's last Advent program at the school she is attending.  The other appointment is to get the paint on my car protected.  That is done every 6 months and in this climate is a necessity.  Our sun is so brutal, there are many vehicles around with the paint blistered and/or faded and gone.  My car is 6 years old and the paint has not faded or oxidized at all because of this treatment we do every 6 months.  

I am off to make the menus for the week and then a grocery list of needs for that time period.  I might even make it to a grocery store today to pick those 'needs' up.  Other than that, we have some food gifts to package up and give out today.  There is also a large bag of yarn at my DIL's house to be donated to the Prayer Shawl group.  Guess I should go and get that from her.  I see some serious knitting time happening today too.  The 'errands' just might be placed on hold until tomorrow so I can spend a nice relaxing day at home with the hubby and NFL!

Until next time..................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your friends are so lucky to have such well made project bags from you. The colour of your cushion is lovely. I’ve never had eggnog, it is maybe a North American tradition?

  2. Hi Marsha :)) Your project bags are fantastic and congrats on the finished shawl, it looks really nice!!! :) OOOH...egg nog...I LOVE it. I would drink it year round except it has too much fat for me! We add a wee bit of rum and brandy to ours, I love that glass!

    I have very little stress lately, which is so nice. It's just me, Alex and the furballs so neither of us have to shop for anyone or have to even leave the house! We decided on no gifts for each other this year since we're in savings mode, but I'm still going to make lots of yummies!!

  3. The bags Marsha turned out brilliantly and no wonder they were well received, you did an amazing job on them! I love how the advent scarf and star pillow are coming along and the finished Prayer Shawl looks great. I hope you have a lovely week Marsha, xx

  4. So far, I'm not stressing the holiday, but I do need to finish some gift gathering. Plan to double check my lists tomorrow. ;^) Your reindeer eggnog goblets are so cute!

    Your To the Point Shawl is gorgeous. It sounds like a perfect shawl. I'm sure someone will be warmed (both their arms and their heart) when they receive this. Glad to hear the ladies loved their project bags. How generous a gift those are!

    I hope you have a great week, Marsha!

  5. Love all your creations! My holiday is a mix of stress and no stress. My own plans for Christmas is simple - down to the bare basics. My grand dog, however, has taken ill and we are nursing him at our house - my daughter and I. That is stressful because we both care greatly for him and we are not sure if he will lose an eye - chronic eye abrasions that will not heal. But we take it a day at a time.

  6. Your advent scarf is gorgeous as well, lovely work. And all of those project bags look perfect, how nice to give a very welcome gift.

  7. The Bears won and beat the Packers!!!! I didn't get to watch it but I did get to see the highlights and it was so wonderful after all these years! LOL! I love that prayer shawl too....such pretty colors and they did work out just perfectly! I love your reindeer glass and I too love eggnog and have it with spiced rum too! Your star(s) are lovely and really coming along and your Advent scarf too. I want to line up some projects for over Christmas and New Years...maybe I'll even join a KAL or CAL. Your bags are beautiful and what lucky ladies they are to get one from you. You are so generous and hard working! Merry Christmas!

  8. You are making such great use of your time. Those project bags are amazing and I love the advent scarf. MMMMMM eggnog....I wonder if I can find some in Croatia???

  9. I'm pretty relaxed and ready (phew). I love your project bags!! The shawl is gorgeous and yay for a finished item.

  10. I don't get stressed this time of year. I think people simply do too much and cause themselves stress. If one less dozen cookies isn't made, life goes on. If you put up less decorations it's really no big deal. I think your suggestion to kick back is a good one. I'm trying hard to finish a ghan I've been working on, but not because it's a gift that someone has to have by Christmas. I just want to get it done to move onto something else. I've not had eggnog in years, used to like it. Perhaps I should get some. Just looked at a receipe for Snowflake Martini's, but it doesn't sound good to me, even if it looked pretty and festive.

  11. I am less stressed because I shopped online for most of the gifts. I still have some wrapping to do though and that'll be tomorrow for sure.


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