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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Kitchen happenings

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Boy howdy, there is so much to tell you today.  This lady and her hubby have been super busy and yet is seems like nothing is getting done.  My house is still not completely decorated for Christmas, the laundry continues to pile up and knitting time is being contained to just a couple of hours in the evening when I am too tired to do anything but sit and watch a Hallmark movie.

Let's take a look, OK?

My hubby loves the melba toast that is in Gardettos.  We have been looking for a package of just the seasoned toast with no luck.  I found a recipe for it on Google.  We bought some rye cocktail bread and I made it for him.  It was fun and so easy to do.  Much cheaper too than trying to buy it off Amazon!

Those cocktail bread slices as so tiny.  This is a slice on my spatula.  We tasted it and I did OK with the seasonings.  We will cut them in half and add them to the Chex Party Mix I am making.  That batch will be for us.  If we like it we will make more next year and incorporate into all the batches.

Last night I decided we needed a fantastic home cooked meal.  I cook every night, yet sometimes I decide to go all out for the two of us.

Fresh butternut squash.  I learned to poke holes in it and microwave it for 5 minutes.  Let it cool a bit and them peel it, and cut it into bit size pieces.  Then I steam it for about 20 minutes or until it is soft.  I then add butter, ginger, garlic salt and onion powder to it and do a light mash on it,  leaving some small chunks.  I mash it just enough to mix all the spices in it.

Asparagus has been on sale again.  We love it cooked this way.  Clean it, spray it lightly with olive or avocado oil, sprinkle a little garlic salt on it and then Parmesan cheese.  Roast it for about 15 - 20 minutes at 350.  Love it!  So tasty and good for you to.

This is what our plates looked like.

Pork chops were the protein part of the meal.  It was so yummy and really didn't take all that long to make.

Yesterday, hubby and I went shopping for gifts for the angels we pulled off our Advent trees at church.  Wow.................people are everywhere this time of year!  We went to 2 Walmarts, and Hobby Lobby.  Hubby had been to Sam's club earlier that morning.  He was trying to get all my ingredients for my Party mix I make each year.

Speaking of Party Mix..............

Guess what is in the oven while I update my blog!!!!!  I am doing 4 steamer pans this morning.  I will do 4 more steamer pans tonight.  That makes about 16 gallons of Party Mix.  We give it away to  our friends and family as part of their Christmas presents.

There will also be Fudge and Scotch Treats (like rice krispie treats but made with peanut butter and butterscotch chips).  That will be the extent of my holiday baking this year.

As for knitting...............I have been working on my Advent scarf each night and am only 100 rows behind LOL.  I started my Advent Star Pillow.  Take a look.

Working with 5 DPN's is a real challenge.  There has been some great learning on this knit.  I found out a new way to increase stitches without the normal knit in F&B or by lifting bars.  I am doing a yarn over and then I knit into the back loop the next row. Look!!!!!!!!  No holes.  Those German ladies are fantastic!  Do you like those needles?  Those are my Christmas present from Hubby.  Signature Needles had a sale!  I had been wanting their sock DPN's so I ordered 2 sets of the US1.5 (2.5mm)  I love them.  I know............I am not waiting until December 25th to use them.  Nope, I am using them during Advent in anticipation of finishing this pillow by Christmas!

That is all for now.

Until next time..............happy crafting!


  1. Your Chex mix looks good. I had made a pack of Costco porkchops over three evenings before Thanksgiving; I use Pioneer Woman's recipe. The husband drooled and even dreamed about them the first night. I need to figure out what else to get for Christmas. I will enlist the tween to help me wrap what has arrived in the mail.

  2. You are a whiz! Chex mix was a staple in our house during the holidays. I may make some instead of the cookies that always break! LOL!
    Signature needles! Lucky you! Is the sale still on? Your star looks beautiful!


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