Sunday, July 23, 2017


Happy Sunday everyone.  Another week has flown by.  I have made progress this week. Seems I had a bit more time to knit this week.  Lots of waiting rooms in my week = lots of knitting.  Let's take a look;

Finished my Darcy socks.  They have had a nice soak. been blocked and are now ready to be mailed to their owner.

Worked just a little bit on the Grainne shawl.  See the progress marker?  That's all I did this week.  I only worked on it for 1 day though and there are over 300 stitches a row.  I am ready to start another mesh section.  Should get that going this week.

I picked up the log cabin blanket and completed square #2.  It is a very easy knit, so easy it is almost boring.

I laid the 2 squares side by side and realized, the next 2 squares need to be adjusted or the middles will not line up right.  Glad I laid them out. The pattern called for 9 colors and we only chose 6.  Makes a big difference in the end when putting the squares together to get the light/dark log cabin effect.

After all that fun, I decided to go and cast on another pair of socks. That almost didn't happen though.  I have so many WIP's I kind of felt guilty thinking of adding another project to my needles.  Then I realize.......socks aren't WIP's.  They are calming, lovely, traveling, small, in your purse projects.  So let the casting on begin.  I had a hard time choosing between the Car Socks and Petty Harbour socks patterns.

Petty Harbour won.  I know the stripes don't match.  I tried to match them would have required gong down 3/4 of a skein to get the matching stripes.  They will be under pants so who is going to see them?  Hubby has already claimed them as his.  This is the first time making this pattern but will not be the last.  I am happy it does not ruin the stripes of the yarn.  It is a simple 4 row pattern and I already have it memorized.  I do like the fact it has a bit of texture and is not plain vanilla.  I am hoping to make them long enough for him to wear them in his boots.

It was a great week,even if it was busy.  Next week is pretty busy too but there is plenty of down time to knit too.  More waiting rooms.  July must be health month.

Until next time.............Happy Crafting!


  1. Yay for each sock having its own personality. I like to rebel and have mismatched socks from a skein. Why force them to be clones? You have great progress this week. How wonderful of you to knit for someone; what a great pair of socks she/he will get.

    1. I'm good with 72 but starting at it means the house will warm up to 10 degrees more. I start feelin' it around 76-78. Thanks for the tip. I do pull from the center though. I know some knitters keep a knitting diary but I keep meticulous notes on Ravelry and don't want to be redundant so I'll figure something out.

  2. Your Darcy socks are gorgeous, I'm sure the new owner will love them. I agree on the striped sock front, I almost never get them matching, but no one will really see them.

  3. Love your Darcy socks Marsha, that blue is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your Gráinne grow, I do love your chosen colours. The neon colours against the black in your log cabin blanket is so eye catching! and Pretty Harbour seems to be the perfect pattern and yarn combo! Hope you have a great week.

  4. Look at you go! I could have knit in the waiting rooms too except my eyes were dilated! LOL! Love the turquoise socks and I too thought Petty Harbour looked like a great pattern. Hubby will love them. I hope you are just going for checkups. Mis-matched socks are in even the single socks without mates are being paired up. I do that with ear rings too where I've lost one.
    The shawl is looking pretty in those colors and I love your log cabin! I need to look into that as it looks like great t.v. knitting! Have a great week!

  5. Love the Darcy sock color. I imagine someone will be very excited to receive them. Isn't being a color rebel one of the benefits of knitting your own socks!
    I also love the idea of "re imaging" quilts in yarn form. Can't wait to see your log cabin when it's complete.

  6. Your Darcy socks are perfect looking. The person who gets them is going to love them! And your log cabin squares are great! I've been seeing this pattern being done lately and I'm totally in awe over how the squares fit together (and the different effects one can get depending on how the squares are fitted together). It looks very complicated to me.

  7. I like your log cabin blanket - what a lot of knitting though. Also those socks are lovely - wish I could do socks :( Mind you, I've never tried but I can't for the life of me work with dpn's and I'm terrified of the thought of the heels. Maybe I should stick to what I do best and that is crochet. Looking forward to seeing more of your shawl. xox

  8. You are right - socks can be called alot of things but Wip isn't one of them! Your log cabin looks great and I didn't understand what you meant about the middles not lining up, but I look forward to its progress.

  9. Hi Marsha :)) The log cabin blanket looks great! And the Darcy socks are marvelous...I have to try knitting socks at some point. I find the smaller projects a little more challenging for some reason...maybe it's my lack of attention span! :) Great progress this week :)

  10. Great socks! That color is beautiful.. I'm looking forward to seeing your log cabin come together. I've always liked looking at quilts with that pattern.


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