Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Midweek check in

You could say we are in the dog days of summer.  Case in point:

He has such a hard life.  LOL  Actually, this was last night.  He and his 'sister' had been to the vet for their yearly check up and vaccines, so they were very tired after that ordeal.  Not to mention, we had repair people in and out of our house all day.

First up, the TV repairman and his lovely daughter.  They replaced all the parts that were given to them and the TV is now...............................still broken.  A new TV has been shipped to us and we should have it in about 10 days.  So in the mean time:

The dead TV sits in front of our fireplace waiting for a proper burial.  And then we are watching this:
Our old 32" TV.  This is my view from where I sit in the family room.  As you can see, I need binoculars to see it LOL. 

While I was at the Vet with the puppies, the Pool guy came to install the new salt system for us.  He was still there when I came home, so had to keep the boy dog away from him.  The female dog is wonderful with everyone, the boy dog is fine as long as you face him, but turn you back and.....................................nip at the ankles happens.  Usually it is only with men though.  

We finally got our 'house' back to ourselves around 3 in the afternoon.  So, it was a pizza night.  Neither of us felt like cooking, that is for sure.

So now you know why it was such an exhausting day for my pups.

Then today happened.

I had my Dr appointment for my blood pressure meds.  I am A-OK and will just continue the way I have been.  Until I drop some of this weight, I will not be able to decrease my meds. That is on the agenda and I have been working on it.  Well, other than the pizza last night, I have been good and dropping about .5 a week at this point.  Exercise is next on the list to re-introduce to my routine.  I am sure it will happen sooner rather than later because...................
Hubby and I have a nutritionist appointment next week to get this crazy diet thing taken care of.  I am sure she is going to insist he get some form of exercise each day.  Housework twice a week is not going to cut it.

After my Dr appointment, I went to Sam's club to pick up a couple of items and while there I found a wonderful 2 in 1 tablet/laptop.  I decided I would use it so much and took it up to pay for it only to find out it is discontinued and they did not have any in stock other than about 30 miles away from me.  So, tonight I am researching 2 in 1 tablets to see what I can find out there.  I use my tablet almost all day long for all sorts of things.  (Social media, games, blogs, patterns etc)  I am wanting to get something that is a bit more user friendly especially in the pattern area.  My tablet does not allow me to make notes on patterns so that is an issue if I ever make changes and want to  make the pattern again.  I am looking at systems that use Windows 10, since that is what I am used to on my PC.  This will also help me with my tutorials for my camera.  My tablet is just too hard to see some of the finer details the tutorials show.  Fingers crossed I find just the right thing.

While at Sam's, my son called to tell us, he thinks his A/C froze up.  He is in Florida for the week and his wife was at work.  Off we went to their house to see what we could do.  It was 89F in their house.  YIKES!  We shut off the A/C, changed the filter and left.  It will need to sit for about 2 hours for it to defrost so it will work again.  My Daughter in Law, just got home, so I am hoping it will start pumping cool air out for her soon.  We have offered our home for her to sleep at tonight if she can not get it working.  The only issue is............they have 2 cats and she hates for them to be in that hot of a house.  

On the crafting front.........................I finished the sock last night.  YEA!!!!!!  I was going to start another sock right away when I realized I still have other WIP's that need my attention. I worked a bit on the Log Cabin Blanket today is too darn hot to have that thing on my lap for more than about 5 rows of knitting.  I might pull out my Boxy Sweater and work a bit on that during the heat of the day.  Or..............I might go ahead and cast on another pair of socks. I hate not having a pair on the go.  They are so good for taking with me when I leave the house.  I will ponder it for a day or two more and then decide.

Last night, after the sock was completed, I decided to do something about all the patterns I have in notebooks in my craft room.  They are not small notebooks either.  AND.....they were not in any type of order, so, looking for a pattern I had printed out could take quite a bit of time.  Take a look at the new improved system:

Yup, no problem finding my patterns now.  Yes, I know the label is not straight on the left one.  The one on the right isn't perfect either.  That will be dealt with at a later time.

And take a look at this:

These are the page protectors left over after I sorted and threw out patterns that would never be used.  Now, you have a better idea of what a mess I had.  I feel so much better having it organized.

Tomorrow is Prayer Shawl Ministry day.  I will be working on my Grainne Shawl again this week.  I have not touched it for about 3 days because of the sock.  I will probably work a bit on it tonight.  It is good TV watching knitting.  Since I am in the Prayer Shawl group, I will always have a shawl or lapghan on my needles or hook from now on.

Busy day again tomorrow.  So this is what it is like to be retired.  Always busy!  

Until next time................happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Marsha :)
    Your dog is adorable...they do have a hard life don't they? Mine are currently napping in the sun, poor things. :)
    Congrats on finishing the sock!!! And all I can say is that your day yesterday and today would have worn me out terribly. Too much activity and repair people!

    Any ideas on what you'll do for exercise? I personally got myself one of those $50 mini-trampolines, often called a "rebounder". I just put on some music and bounce around for half an hour each day (not on hot days I admit!)...I find it easier on the knees than any other kind of cardio.

    Yay for pizza night! We love pizza, and have it at least twice a month!

  2. We have taken to having pizza night once a week while I'm working - very tasty! Your organising puts me to shame... I really should get to it.


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