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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I am sure most of you had a parent that would throw sayings at you quite a bit.  My mom was famous for that.  I hear those sayings in my head in certain situations.  Sunday night and yesterday evening, I heard some of those sayings over and over.  Like:

Pride cometh before the fall

Haste makes waste

A woman's work is never done, from break of day to setting sun.

Every cloud has a silver lining


So what brought this on?

Remember this from Sunday?

I was so proud of the fact I had gotten another square done and was on a roll.  I sent photos to my daughter and she was super excited too.  I also informed you that I needed to figure out the next 2 squares as to how to knit them so they would make a true log cabin effect. Guess what.......................

Yup, I had to frog both squares.  I pulled the pattern out and realized the pattern called for 9 colors of yarn.  We only were using 6.  Therefore, we had to arrange the pattern a bit differently than the original designer did.  It took me 4 hours to frog that yarn.  I was so sad.
But...................I am not a quitter.  There is too much money invested in this blanket to just forget about it.  I am going to start it all over and this time it will be done correctly.  This blanket needs to get done and out of my house.  It has been hanging around since 2011.  It is time to GO AWAY!  I colored in the pattern blocks that came with the pattern:

This time, I took my time and really thought about how the colors should be to make the effect we are wanting.  It came out perfect this time and I am now ready to begin the task of a redo.

Today is a bit of a slow day for me.  Hubby and I have a nutritionist appointment and after that we are free for the rest of the day.  I am going to start back on square one this afternoon while we kick back and enjoy some time together.  My other WIP's have been put on hold until I get a handle on this.  I need to slow down, read the instructions, look at my notes as to which color follows the one before.  Thank goodness it is a garter stitch and nothing fancy.  I know I complained about it being boring but maybe that is a "blessing in disguise".

Until next time.............................Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh no! I feel your pain. I'm not seeing an appreciable difference from what you did and what you've colored in the squares, but I trust you know what you're talking about. Hopefully it being a boring pattern means you can do it in your sleep and not even be aware of the time you're putting into it. ;^) I look forward to seeing your progress next week!

  2. Oh no Marsha! All your hard work but I admire greatly your willingness to not only figure it out but to cast it back on! I hope it works out perfectly for you this time.

  3. I am alternating between a crochet no brainer mitt and a lace shawl that requires fun concentration. YOU will succeed with that amazing geometric blanket

  4. Ack. So sad. But you know what knitters say. No-one every regrets frogging and re-starting, but they do regret not frogging if things aren't going well. You will get it going in the right direction soon of that I have no doubt.

  5. Oh no! I just commented on how pretty is was looking!!! Your attitude is great Marsha...I find it really hard to start over, but once the casting on is done, I forget about it!

  6. So sorry about your 'frogging' after all that work...been there many times but you will be happy you did as it will be exactly how you want it to be in the end. I have had some 'failures' t his week and after getting over the initial disappointment I decided I need to increase my skill level by taking some classes and/or tutorials. You have a great attitude and after a bit you will be well on your way and forget all about the 'frogging'. It's going to be gorgeous!


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