Sunday, January 15, 2017

Update Week 29

Wow, this seems so surreal to be in week 29 already.  I can remember trying to figure out what kind of list I wanted to make for this year and now we are over half way through that year.  

I don't know what I like more.....................writing my blog or reading other blogs.  I think reading other blogs is on top.  I love to seeing what others are; doing, crafting, going, reading, cooking, etc........

Anyway.............We spent Sunday through Thursday in Las Vegas.  It was a grand time for us.  Something we both needed after all the mad rush of the month of December.  We drove home Thursday morning.  It was a glorious drive and I had so much crafting time while away.  I was shocked.  I did manage to complete 2 projects, just as I hoped I would.

First up:

The Prayer Shawl I started just before we left.  This is a 'varigated' yarn from "I Love This Yarn".  I had it in a project bag from the first moment I bought it about 3 years ago.  On the front of the bag was written................SHAWL. 

Like I said in my previous post............I had tried 3 patterns on this and none of them made me happy.  So I did; 3 rows double crochet and then 3 rows fillet crochet.  I love making my shawls with the number 3 woven throughout them.  It has so many meanings:  Faith, Hope, Love; Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Jesus, Mary, Joseph; Earth, Wind, Fire.....etc......And if you are wondering......................yes......................the colors are just as wild as they appear here.

Then, there were the Hermione Everyday Socks I was working on.  I completed the first one as we pulled into our driveway and completed the second one that evening.  I really enjoyed this pattern and have it earmarked to do again.  I think it works so well with self striping yarn. Personally, I think it would work well with any type of patterned yarn.

So..................there I sat in my family room.  Two projects completed.  My yarn for my KAL shawl had not been delivered yet.  The pattern I wanted to use for the KAL was not released yet.  What should I do?

Of course!!!!

Cast on another pair of socks.  I have had these on the project self since the start of this YOP.  The yarn is called "naked sock yarn".  It doesn't have any wool in it and has lots of stretch to it.  The color reminded me of spring time with all the flowers blooming.  I just about have the cuff on one sock done.  I will be working these, two at a time on DPN's.

Thursday night, the pattern for my KAL shawl was released..............Friday, my yarn came in the mail.  I busted my bum to get all my chores done on Friday so I could sit down and cast on  "Dying of the Light' by Knitterarium.  Most of us here on YOP know her as Ruth McKeon or Celtic Knits.  She is a splendid designer and a sweetheart of a person to interact with.

Here is the start of my shawl.  I am making it with Comfy Cotton from Knit Picks and the Colors I chose are, Planetarium for the dark and Whisker for the lighter color.  I have already learned a new stitch...............German Short Row.  Since I use the Fish Kiss Lip Heel, I do not use a wrap and turn and therefore had never heard of the GSR.  It is fast and easy to use.  For some reason, I am seeing "jogs" in the first few rows.  I am going to take a day and decide if I can live with them or if I need to rip it back and try again.  It's not like I have days invested in it yet.  So ripping it back is not like a major issue for me.

In other news........................This coming week is jammed packed again.  Tomorrow night we have our Grand Daughter spending the night with us.  Her dad is leaving early Monday morning and her mom has to leave early for work.  The child does not have school, so I did not see a reason to wake her up at 6 just to take her to our house.  We will have her every night after school this week, which is fine with us.  It's not like we have tons of stuff planned this week.

Hubby has a recheck for the surgery he went through 3 years ago.  (colon resection)  He is being so good about eating lots of fiber everyday.  The Dr told him, if her could get 30 grams of fiber a day, he should never have another issue.  Trust me...............the man gets at least 30 grams a day if not more.

I have a blood pressure check this week too.  I was hoping to have lost a bit more weight, but with the holidays and the trip to Vegas..........I am just glad I managed to keep off what I had already lost.

I will keep updating my progress on project as I am able.  I leave the 24th for New Orleans. My Daughter in law is going TDY and has asked me to take care of her daughter while she is gone.  She and my son are stationed at 2 different naval bases (which really stinks).  I will be there for 3 weeks.  I am assuming she has WIFI.................I hope she has WIFI...........if she doesn't have WIFI, I may have to find a coffee shop that offers it.  I don't even like coffee that much LOL.  

Until next time...............Happy Crafting!


  1. The prayer shawl is stunning! Great job om the socks. I have seen people try that pattern for socks a lot lately
    , I need to try it some time. The spring tulip socks look lovely and great progress on the shawl. Enjoy your week. Leah x

  2. You know... every time lately that I read your blog I think about how nice it is that you have the kind of relationship with your grown kids and your grandkids that you do. I know it's got to be tiring on some level to be running or planning around helping various ones out, but on this end it also sounds kind of lovely. Lovely to be someone who is trusted and asked to help when it is needed. I'm glad you and your DH got some time away and were refreshed recently. Lovely projects, Marsha. And I really like reading your thoughts about working "3" into your prayer shawls. Do you include a note so the recipient is aware of this? That would make them extra special, I'd think.

    1. I am very blessed that my adult children trust me enough with their children. I figure I can rest when the Lord calls me home. I do not incled the "3" info on the prayer shawls. I will talk to my prayer shawl group this week to see if they would mind me attaching an extra card explaining that.

  3. Sounds like a busy week ahead, but it must be lovely having your granddaughter around. Your projects are gorgeous, I love the prayer shawl and the socks are fabulous.

  4. Sounds like a busy week ahead, but it must be lovely having your granddaughter around. Your projects are gorgeous, I love the prayer shawl and the socks are fabulous.

  5. Love the prayer shawl. I have knitted them and love reciting a three word sentence as I knit them. My latest is Love Peace Love.

  6. That yarn really works for your prayer shawl. I like what you're doing w/it. Have fun with your grandchildren. My girls are home tomorrow. I have my physical and my wonderful husband will stay home with them until I come back so he can go to work. What a good and responsible husband yours is by taking the doctor's wish seriously.


  7. You certainly don't let any grass grow under your feet! Glad you enjoyed Vegas and remember....what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! LOL! Your prayer shawl turned out lovely and I like the "3" analogy. I just started my Hermione's and would like to just sit and knit those but there are those slippers to make but I started so they will get worked in somehow. Yours turned out great! Are you int he Box of Socks KAL? You should be at the rate you're going. So nice that you can help your family out. What does TDY stand for? Glad your hubby is following instructions and doing well!

    1. I should have used, TAD, which stands for Temporary Assignment Duty. TDY is used in the Air Force. My kids are Navy.......oops

  8. That is a fantastic shawl. Love the design and the '3' inclusion. It must have been very satisfying to work on it.
    Good luck with all of your house and children sitting. Family time is quality time, and a great way for the children to have some fun adventures with you.

  9. Great pattern choice - Hermoine's Everyday Sock - for the self-patterning yarn! And I just love blue and green together! Very bright yarn for your tulip socks!


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