Thursday, January 5, 2017

Midweek madness

I had always heard, time goes faster as we get older.  It's true too.  I swear we just celebrated Christmas a couple of days ago and yet, we are in a new year.

I have been busy as usual.  On Monday I joined the Declutter Challenge for the 2nd year.  I almost made it through last year.  I completed all but 2 rooms.  90% of the rooms that were completed are still fantastic.   My bedroom and the craftroom need a little love again.  I love this challenge and will probably join in the spring cleaning one too.  I have not purchased any of her materials either.  I just follow along on facebook and her blog.  

Monday also saw me catching up on laundry from all the company we have had over the past 2 weeks.  I got it all done and out away.  It always feels so good to have empty laundry baskets, clean towels and clean sheets everywhere.

Tuesday I got my bum in gear and went for a nice mile walk.  I have been meaning to get back into an exercise routine and this seemed like a good day to do it.  It was a brisk 45F out, with a gentle breeze.  It omly took about 17 minutes for the mile,  but was wonderful to look around the neighborhood.   Once spring/summer hits, I will be using the treadmill at the gym again.  Too darn hot to walk when it is 90 to 115 outside.

My son and family returned from their 2 week trip to Seattle.  That means I am off of kitty/fish duty.  It really wasn't a bother.  They live about 7 minutes away from us.  Their cats are really cool and don't require lots of attention.  A few chin scratches, a few kitty treats and they are super happy. 

I also finished my Fodhla shawl on Tuesday evening.......late that evening.  I think it was close to midnight when I bound off.  I took it into the bathroom and laid it there for the soaking the next day. 

Wednesday, first thing, I soaked my shawl.  It is Comfy Cotton from Knit Picks.  It is also the first time I had used beads on a knitted project.  It was fun, but adding beads sure slows you down.  I didn't use any type of soaking agent other than tepid water.  I just wanted it to be really wet before I blocked it.  I had to chuckle as I watched it soak (yes I was bored), minute bubbles kept coming to the surface of the water and popping.  It reminded me of watching gnats hitting the water of a still body of water.  Soaking only took about 8 minutes and then on to the blocking.  Putting the blocking wires in always seems to take forever.  This time was no exception.  The shawl is 8 feet long, so took quite a few wires and pins.

As you can is quite long.  It is still drying today.  Cotton takes a bit longer to dry when it is moist outside.  It should be finished later today.......I hope.  We are leaving for Las Vegas on Sunday, and this is going with me to keep my neck area warm.

On Wednesday, I also completed a prayer shawl and started a new one.  I also worked on my Hermione socks for a bit.  The evening sawme attending 2 meetings which took me away from home for 3 hours.  But,once I returned,  my crochet hook was back in my hand.  It took 3 different patterns for the prayer shawl.  I finall gave up, frogged it and decided to do my own thing.  That seems to work the best on prayer shawls.  The pattern comes from my heart to be given to someone that needs comfort.

Today, I am going to my mom's cardiologists appointment with her.  I have noticed her shortness of breath is getting a bit more pronounced and want him to know about that.  Also, her hands are always cold as are her feet.  It is not something he can really do anything about, yet he needs to know her symptoms are increasing.  Heck, she is 89 and in pretty decent shape other than being wheelchair bound.

I also need to go to the mall and pick up our photo CD from Penney's. Next week, I pick up a 16x20 canvas print and then I will have it all packaged and shipped by UPS the Texas family.  I need to make a CD for the grandson who took all the photos while he was here.  He asked me to send him copies of his shots.  I think a CD would be better as he can edit them to his liking then.

That's it so far this week.  Until next time..............happy crafting!

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  1. You really motivate me to get my rear in gear! I plan on doing the challenge but I am still reading all the stuff she tells you to read before starting so...once again....I am behind! LOL! Your Mom must have blockage somewhere if her hands and feet are cold....same thing happened to my Mom and she was always cold. She is doing great for 89 though! You come from strong stock!
    Your shawl is very pretty from what I can see and I need to get some blocking equipment as I have none. Have a great day and I need to start my Hermione socks if I can find some freed up needles! LOL!


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