Sunday, April 10, 2016

YoP Week 41

Don't have a lot of crafting news this week.  As I sat and read everyone's blogs last weekend and throughout the week, I realized something.........................I had lost my crafting mojo.  I didn't want to work on any WIP.  Didn't want to start a new pair of socks. Could have cared less if I had dishcloths or not.  Just didn't care about anything in the fiber department.  

This has only happened to me one other time in the past 41 years.  It scared me.  This is not like me at all.  I LOVE my yarn.  I LOVE working with my hands to create something useful and beautiful.  I LOVE hearing the clicking of my needles.  I LOVE all things related to knitting or crocheting.  What was wrong with me?  

So, I filled my days with going to the gym, visiting my mom, watching TV, decluttering my laundry room (that took 2 days is all), and looking at blogs of other crafters to see if I could get inspired to do SOMETHING!

Wednesday afternoon it hit me...................I had to have fiber in my hands again.  You see, if I do not knit or crochet daily, my arthritis really flares up in my hands and I hurt so bad that I can hardly drive a car.  It had been 4 days since I last picked up my needles or hook.  I HAD to do something.  I got on Ravelry and searched my library hoping it would inspire me to go stash searching.  Nothing...............I went back and looked at my fellow crafters blogs again....still nothing.............then my mom called.  LIGHT BULB!!!!  One of her care givers is pregnant with her 6th child.  A girl..................It had been many years since her last girl had been born and at least 8 or 9 years since her last period!  She is going to need lots of baby things for this one as she has gotten rid of all her baby items.

Back to Ravelry I went to look for baby items to knit or crochet.  I scratched the idea of a blanket right away.  I am far too slow to knit one.  Crocheted blankets are great and fast but I just could not find a pattern that spoke to me.  I went in search of sweaters for babies.  But I needed one that was going to be 6 -9 months as the baby is due in June and I just don't see the baby wearing a sweater when it is 115 outside.

I found the pattern...............Babitty Baby Jacket.  It was perfect.  I had not made any baby items since my first son was born 42 years ago.  I was excited.  I ran off to go through my stash.  Found the perfect yarn for the project.  Cast on Wednesday afternoon and by this morning this is what I have:

This actually would have been done by now, but I still do have laundry, visiting my mom, shopping, going to the gym and social activities that take me away from my knitting.  So, I am working on the first sleeve and should have both sleeves done by tonight.  Then, I am going to look for rose shaped buttons, since the flower for June is a rose.  There is also a pattern for a matching hat on the pattern's website.  So yes, I am going to make the hat too and put a rose ribbon flower on the hat.

After this is done...................I have no idea what I will pick up.  I still am not liking the idea of my WIP's but that could change in the next couple of days.  I actually am liking the idea of socks or fingerless gloves.  My newest grand daughter asked me to make her a pair of fingerless gloves that go to her elbow......................I have the yarn for them so they might be well as a pair of socks...............or two pair of socks.  Yup, my mojo is coming back.  Phew

It is a nice rainy day here.  Perfect for the hubby to watch the Master's golf tourney and for me to finish a wee sweater for Olivia Adeline.  I just love the name.  And there is another baby being born in August that just might need a sweater for this winter too.  I am really liking how fast baby clothing goes.  This just might be my new thing to go to.  Our church supports an unwed mother's home and they are always in need of clothing for the babies.  Might have to do some charity work for them too.

Until next time........................Happy Crafting.


  1. Glad you got your crafting mojo back. That baby sweater is going to be adorable. I've never crocheted any kind of clothing before. Maybe making a baby something-or-other would be a good introduction.

  2. Oh hurrah for getting your mojo back. Love that baby sweater and the yarn is perfect.


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