Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Goodness

I am still plugging along on Wee Sherlock Jacket.  I am on the first sleeve.  While I am doing it magic loop,  it is still slow going because it is boring.  I am half way thru the first sleeve though.  Which means, I have done 20 rows and have 20 more to go.  A pattern for a hat was found, sort of.  It gives me how many to cast on and how long to make it.  I will put my own design to it so it somewhat matches the jacket.

The past few days I have been battling, what I thought was allergies.  Nope, it's a head cold. It is 95 degrees out and I catch a bloomin cold.  So very uncool.  But when you have an autoimmune disease, such as RA, getting sick is par for the course.  I really shouldn't complain.   This is my first illness in over a year.  I managed to escape the flu everyone around me got (no, I can not take the flu shot because of meds I take).  

As for our declutter challenge. .........this is dining room and entry way week.  That took 5 minutes lol.  We will be mixing up some of the rooms this next week.   We have an entertainment center and a double dresser being delivered next Friday.  We Need to clean out the old stuff so we can clutter the new stuff lol. We had seen the entertainment center 6 months ago and decided to think about it.  We don't like to make quick decisions.  The dresser was a spur of the moment idea.  I will take before and after photos so you can see the difference.

I'm out if here.  I have a long to do list today, starting with an appointment to get my blood pressure checked.


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