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Sunday, April 17, 2016

YoP 42

Only 10 weeks left in our year 5 YOP.  I have learned quite a bit and pushed myself to learn things I had been putting off for years.  It has been so wonderful again.

This past week I  finished the Babbity sweater and hat.

Isn't it adorable?  I am sure Olivia Adeline will love it too.  Her mommy was so thrilled.  She showed to everyone.  The mommy works where my mother is living.  She just couldn't believe anyone would do something like that for her.  She is a wonderful caregiver and we will truly miss her when she goes on maternity leave.

Since Olivia is due in June.........I was looking for rose buttons.  Most of the ones I found that looked like a rose where shank buttons.  I am not fond of those for babies.  They have to hurt a bit when buckled into a car seat.  So these are what I ended up with.

Flowers but not roses.  Oh well, I don't think Olivia will notice.

That baby combo was so fun, I started another one right away.  This one is for my niece who is due in August.  She is having a girl also.  This baby will be named Kaidence.  I am loving all these cool names. This sweater is Wee Sherlock Jacket.  I will make a hat to go with it too.

I thought this one would go quicker since it is made with worsted weight. Seems to be taking longer because of the cables and increasing continually.  I am enjoying it though. I do like the yarn I am using on this.

It has been in my stash for a couple of years.  I bought enough to make myself a sweater and have yet to get to that.  I normally would not make a sweater this dark for a baby, but I am planning on some stunning buttons to brighten up the entire piece.

I have not done cables in quite a while and love how they add so much to a pattern.  They really aren't hard to do, just a bit time consuming.  Well worth the effort though.  I am hoping to have this done in the next week or two.  We are going to Nevada again the end of May and I want to have this ready to give to the expectant mom and dad when we go.

We are still working on our 13 week declutter plan.  This week we decluttered the kitchen and all our pantries.  We have 3 of them and they are all cleaned out.  It is so self gratifying to actually throw or donate items and the house already feels lighter to me.  We have 8 33 gallon bags full of items for charity.  The charity is coming by tomorrow to pick them up.  All that after just 2 rooms.  Kind of scary isn't it?

This past week must have been my medical week.  Ended up in urgent care last weekend with a weird rash.  Went to a dermatologist on Monday to find out it is Discoid Eczema.  Really?  I have never had any issues with my skin before.  Wednesday I had a routine dental appointment and that afternoon I went to my primary care Dr as the urgent care said my blood pressure was pretty high.  Seems I am borderline hypertensive at this point.  So back to the gym I go to do lots of treadmill and some weight training.  Counting calories is back on the plate too.  I have been advised to loose weight and increase my activity or I will be going on medicine soon.  UGH!  Old age is not for sissies LOL.  

I assume, this means knitting is not a cardiovascular sport?  Come on.....haven't they ever seen us knitters when we make a mistake 7 rows back and have to rip it out to fix it?  There is quite a bit of movement that goes into that.  First, you throw the project across the room, then you have to go and pick it up, then the ripping begins, then you have to wind all the loose yarn back around your ball.  Yup, lots of movement if you ask me.

(sigh)  Alright, I will be good and follow doctor's orders.  One thing I have started doing and it is helping so much............I got the Nutribullet and make myself a smoothie each morning with fruit, greens, proteins and greek yogurt.  It is so yummy and keeps me very full until lunch time.  I have already noticed a difference in my clothes since I have started.  No, I have not weighed myself.  Scales are not the best determinator of getting into shape.  My son in Texas is a personal trainer.  He said, when he starts working with his clients, especially females, he tells  them not to step on a scale for 4 weeks.  I can understand why. So I am not stepping on the scale and have not been on the scale for 2 weeks as it is.  When I went to the Doctor on Wednesday, I had already lost almost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I must be doing something right, huh.

Ok, I need to get back to my chores for the day.  I have a very long to do list and blogging is not getting it done.  I will probably write more this week but for sure, next weekend.

Happy Crafting

PS:  do any of you use bloglovin' to keep track of you blogs you love to read?  I have used it for about 5 years now and love that I can follow so many of my fellow crafters. 


  1. The finished baby sweater is adorable. What a nice gift. I'm thinking that dark color you're using for the other sweater is Aubergine? I love that color, and the yarn. So soft... And way to go on your decluttering! I can imagine how light your house feels. Keep up the good work with eating healthy and losing weight. I think focusing on the scale is counterproductive to sense of euphoria that happens when one begins to experience how good it feels when making healthy changes. BTW, you've made me want a smoothy now. :^)

  2. The baby sweater is so cute and aren't new babies just the best for knitting for. Well done on loosing weight, just keep going now and yes take care of yourself...aka do what the dr says!

  3. I love those baby sweaters! I want to make some even though there are no babies in my family...the youngest is 4. I didn't learn to knit until after they were born. There doesn't seem to be many patterns for older children or maybe I haven't looked hard enough...they must be out there! LOL! Your yarns and patterns for both are simply precious! I can't wait to see your buttons.
    Yes, you've got that right...old age is not for sissies! They just recently put me on a low dose bp pill and I seem to get slower and more tired each day! LOL! What happened to all that energy I used to have? I was doing yogurt and smoothies too until the doctor said no milk products...it will get to the point where you have to lose weight because there's nothing you can eat! LOL! Your post was very inspiring and good for you! Decluttering, exercising, eating healthy....all things I keep trying to do also! I think you're making more progress though....congrats!


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