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Monday, October 29, 2012

Just a thought

I have 'met' so many wonderful people in the blogging world.  My thought was.............If you know you are going to be traveling somewhere and there is one of your bloggers friends there, would you try and contact them to get to meet them in 'real life'?

I have often wondered about this.  I have people on my blog list from all over the world and not that I will be doing international travel in the next few weeks or anything.  But if I did, would they be receptive to meeting me?

I know I would love it if someone whose blog I followed and they followed mine would contact me if they were going to be in my area.

There is a blogger in the Washington State area that I would love to meet (Kim) and I do have family up there that I would really like to go and visit soon.  There are bloggers on the east coast that are close to areas that I love to visit and would love to meet up with them and get to know them better. (Marie, Evelyn)  Is that a kosher thing to do or not?

How do you feel about it?

And for Ruth in Ireland.......................that destination is on my bucket list and I would love to come there just to see your beautiful country sides and enjoy the fresh clean are of the country.  So would it be upsetting to you if I were to try and meet you and really get to know you a bit better?  Don't worry, it will not be for a few years yet.  LOL

Of course if I ever get my wish and go to Canada there is a whole bunch of bloggers up there that I would love to meet up with.  But then there are enough LYS there that I would probably run into about half of them there.

So let me know........................If you were coming to the Phoenix, Arizona area, would you contact me so we could meet up?  And if I were coming to your area would you want to know about it or have me keep it a secret?


  1. I've met up with a few here in Ireland a time or two who've been in my area so I'm not against the idea. I would always meet out for coffee and chats in a hotel which can be wonderfully relaxing, but its not everytime that someone who comes to my area I'm free for but when I am I do..mmm I seem to be talking in circles this morning lol. And yes I most likely would say if I were visiting your area, especially if I visit and comment on your blog often and vice versa.

  2. I just saw this post--really, really behind on my visiting, apparently. Anyway, if you come up here I would love to meet you! I feel like I live in the hinterlands here on the west coast and feel no one comes here much!


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