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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Well, it is that time when I can honestly say I have completed two projects off my YoP list.  I am so happy about it.  As you all know we took a trip last week and I was taking some of my YoP items to work on while on the 5.5 hour drive.  Turns out I did 90% of the driving so not much got done on the road.  However, after we returned from the trip Hubby and I managed to bring back a nasty bug with us so we were both under the weather for the past week.  That meant that we stayed home a lot and so lots of work got done on the YoP.  So here we go.

First up, the Color Affection Shawl.  This actually got done just before we left on the trip.  I am not really very fond of it so think I might give it away to our prayer shawl ministry at the church.

I do like the colors but don't like the way it fits.  I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to shawl and am not much into the thin ones that are super duper long.  But I am sure there is someone out there that is in need of some comfort from this really really soft shawl.

Next up is the Cancer Ribbon Shawl.  This has been sitting in my project bag for about 3 years and I finally got around to finishing it.  I did take this with me on the trip and did manage to get about an hour of crocheting done on it.  I worked on it continually since Monday and finally finished it Saturday night.

This one is going to the prayer shawl cancer ministry at our church.  They are always in need of shawls to give to people.  I am just glad to have it completed and out of my house.

So last night, after I finished the shawl I cast on the second sock with the Panda Cotton yarn.  I don't want to have second sock syndrome.  I only got about 1/2 inch done on it before I realized I really needed to get some sleep.

I have updated my YoP to reflect where I am at on my list.

Year Of Projects 2012-2013

Use up all cotton yarn for dishcloths 
Complete 3 project bags
Complete LaLa Shawl
Complete Summer Garden Tee
Frilly scarf
2 blooming pillows
Use up 1/2 of sock yarn

Finished items

1 project bag (September 2012)
2/3 of cotton yarn (August 2012)
Complete Comfort Cancer ribbon shawl (October 2012)
Complete Color Affection Shawl (October 2012)

I think the biggest challenge for me is using up 1/2 of the sock yarn.  I know making shawls is the easiest way to do that but they take a looooong time to complete when they are knitted and crocheting with fingering weight yarn is not something I treasure doing either.  I will persevere though and keep on keeping on.

Hubby and I are doing much better and I actually have a voice again today.  We both are still coughing a bit and blowing a bit but nothing like we were last week.  And as for our trip to Las Vegas.......................it was a great time and we enjoyed ourselves.  We visited family while there and gambled (just a bit) (Eyes rolling) and had good food and celebrated our 37 years of wedded bliss with lots of laughter and just being together and having fun.

I want to thank my hubby for taking the pictures of the shawls for me.  Everyone always tells me to take them in natural light.  Did you notice the bright blue skies?  I want you to know that we are hitting 88 degrees F today and will be that way for the rest of the week.  Winter does not come to the desert until around December and January.  And yes, it is still sunny and bright out even during our winters here.

I would like to ask all of you to please remember all those on the east coast who are being affected by Super Storm Sandy.  I have several family members over there and they are hunkering down for the storms to hit.  I pray they will remain safe.

Until later........................

Happy Crafting!


  1. Great finishes - your color affection looks gorgeous, a shame you aren't fond of it.

    Congratulations on 37 years of marriage - yikes! That is a lifetime.

    Hope your family stay safe and you and your hubby are both fully recovered soon.

  2. Your shawls look amazing, especially the cancer ribbon one and I'm sure your local ministry will love and use them no end. Can't wait to see the sock and I hope you are over your nasty bug. Take care.

  3. Both shawls look lovely - your hubby takes great pictures! I'm glad you're feeling better. I know what you mean about crocheting and knitting shawls with sock yarn! I prefer to crochet with it because at least it is a little faster.

  4. Congrats on the finishes and on the 30+ years..We are in our 30 years together also, but we argue on the exact year! LOL..could be 32 or 33!

  5. Your shawls are beautiful and I'm sure they will be very much appreciated. Congratulations on 37 years married! I hope that you are feeling better soon and that all your loved ones are ok post-Sandy.


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