Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm Back

I really have great reasons as to why it has been three weeks since my last post.  Want to hear them?

1.  I was in Las Vegas the 20-26 of September for a medical conference.  I did not have access to internet and by the time I got home I was so tired and since it was only a few days away from the next time to post I decided to wait until then.

2. The next Sunday had me going to a baseball game (we lost) with my friends and family and by the time we got home I was dog tired and went to bed.  I could have posted during that week but we put a new program in at work and we were in training for 4 days and I was working up to 10 hours a day learning it.  So by the time I got home I would eat and go to bed.

Both of these reasons will make you understand why my crafting time has been kind of nil for the past couple of weeks.  The only thing I have worked on is my sock since I can take it everywhere with me.

 So this is where I am at on the sock.  I had thought it was going to be really hard to do the heel but found this is much easier than when I do toe up socks.  I did the eye or partridge heel and really enjoyed it.  

Since that is all I have on my blog for this week I decided to comment on the comments I had last time on my post.  I do not know every ones 'real' name so I will use the blog name to answer and comment to all of you that posted.

SAM I AM........ The shawl is being worked on 60" circulars.  And it is still all scrunched up on that.  As for working on DPN for the socks...................I have been making magic loop socks for about 4 years now and this is my first attempt on the DPN.  I do miss having both socks done at the same time but have enjoyed the portability of the one sock at a time.

MIND MY OWN STITCHES........... Thanks for compliment on the shawl.  I really need to take it back out and finish it.  Just with all the traveling and long hours I have not had the desire to take it out.  It is so large now and very cumbersome to take in and out of the project bag.  I am planning in finishing it before the end of the year though.  It has just started to cool off here in the desert so having it lay on my lap is not as big of a deal as it was in July, August and September.

JEN..................Thank you.................I was not sure about the colors when I picked them out.  The dark red really makes it all tie together for me anyway.  I had a color expert tell me once that red is really a neutral color and you can throw it into any color scheme and it works.

NAUGET BUFF...................The sequined yarn is very easy to work with.  Have not had any problems with splitting or with the sequins not 'working' right in the knit.  I have not tried to crochet with it but I don't think there would be a problem there either.  As for your Magic Loop....I never use anything less than 40 and that is doing 2 at a time.  I like the 47 but in the beginning it seems a bit long but when you turn the heels it makes it the easiest length to work with.

KATE...................Thank you!  Knowing that others out there love DPN's is nice to know.  Now I know who to go to when I have an issue with the little buggers.

FAITH................You go girl.  If you really have the desire to do socks on magic loop you will succeed.  Don't be afraid of it.  I found it quite easy to learn and since I didn't have anyone around to show me how I used books and UTube videos to show me how.  The sequin yarn is not the least complicated to work with.  GO FOR IT!

CAROLINE GRANGER.......................A BIG THANK YOU!  You made me smile and made my day.

EMMA.....................Thank you.  I have tons of variegated/self striping/self patterning sock yarn.  I Really want to get it used up as I would rather go to solids so patterning will show up better.

I hope I covered every one's comments from the last post.  If not I apologize.

I will be working overtime again next week but hope to be able to finish up the first sock next week.  I want to start on the second one right away.  I will be leaving town again on the 18th of this month but it is a road trip so the sock will go with me and I can have some uninterrupted knitting time during the drive.

Happy Crafting!


  1. CUte sock! Sounds like a busy few weeks - hope you get some relaxation time this week!

  2. It's nice to play catch up with ya..Sounds like you had alot of fun..I can not take knitting with me cuz I always forget to mark my place..and then get mad..

    thanks for following up on my ???'s.. Hope you find some time to relax..


  3. Hope you get to have some relaxing and crafting time this week, sounds like you need it! And the sock is looking great!

  4. wow, you have been crazy busy! I wish I had such a good set of reasons for not posting for three weeks!

    I can confidently say that of all the mistakes I've made with my sicks, none have been due to using dpns. Your sock is lovely and bright.


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