Sunday, September 16, 2012

I've got pictures!!!

 I told you last week that I would have some pictures this week and I do.  I am so glad too.  I know I love to see pictures when I read blogs and I assume others do too.  In fact one of my followers told me last week that she wanted pictures and I aim to please.

 Here is the photo of my first ever DPN sock.  I do enjoy doing it this way but I still like the magic loop method too.  So I am happy I have the option now.  This is going to be just a plain vanilla sock.  I didn't want to do anything too crazy for my first time plus the colors of the yarn seem to give it plenty of interest.  The yarn is Panda Cotton. 

 Here is the shawl I started with my sequined yarn.  It is interesting to work with and there is not a photo in the world that will do it justice.
Here is the Color Affection Shawl.  I am on the border and loving it more and more as it comes to a finish.  I still have about a 1.5 inches left on the border and then the grand bind off.

It has been very hectic at work so there has not been much knitting in the evenings as my hands are just too darn tired and sore to even think about picking up needles.  This will continue for the next month but I will do my best to at least try and finish a these three things in the very near future.

Here is how the list looks now:

Year Of Projects 2012-2013

Use up all cotton yarn for dishcloths 
Complete 3 project bags
Complete LaLa Shawl
Complete Comfort Cancer ribbon shawl
Complete Color Affection Shawl
Frilly scarf
2 blooming pillows
Use up 1/2 of sock yarn

Finished items
1 project bag
2/3 of cotton yarn

That is all for this week.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Thank you for the pictures! I too love to see pictures...those lists just don't do the projects justice. I am a lefty too but I write left handed, iron left handed and eat left handed but everything else I do right handed....even scissors. I know, I am really messed up! LOL!
    I knit and crochet right handed. My Mother was truly ampidextorous and had beautiful handwriting with both hands. I'm just "confused" I guess.
    I am doing socks but went straight to circular as I am new to knitting anyway. I love your colorway on your socks. I'm doing plain as I wanted to be able to see everything I was doing or not doing on my first sock. Someday I'll try DPNs when I'm a better knitter!
    Your shawl is gorgeous! Is that on circular? It's huge! How long can you get those cables? I did a bathmat and it was on 40-42 and it was really scrunched up on them...I did not enjoy that!
    I am retired and still don't get as much done as you who works full-time! Pat yourself on the back and again....thanks for the pics! Great job on everything!

  2. Your Color Affection looks fab!
    Can't wait to see it finished!!!

  3. Congrats on the DPN socks. I'm also a magic loop girl! That color affection shawl is beautiful. I saw some on Ravelry the other day for the first time. I love the colors you've chosen.

  4. yeah for pictures..I haven't done anything with the magic loop yet but it is on my list of things to learn. I have to get a really long circular and my LYS only keeps to 29..not long enough for me..

    Knitting with sequins..I'll follow closely as I have some of this yarn and am curious how easy it is to work with

  5. Busy week! I love your two shawls,looking forward to seeing the finished Colour Affection! Well done on the sock too, I love doing socks on dpns.

  6. Love your colour affection, I so enjoyed that project, and I was so pleased with the finished shawl.

    The sequin yarn sounds interesting, I've seen it but always thought it sounded complicated to work with. I also want to do socks this year, although I'm hoping to try those two at a time on's called running before you can walk!

  7. ALL your projects are duly justified in your pix...great job on them all and what fabulous color choices...I am glad you are satisfied with your ending of the CA...lots of hard work on that deserve a treat! Good luck finishing them all as YOU SEE FIT, hats off to you who still knits while working full-time, that's a TON to take on! :Applause and good luck with the rest of your list! I hope you have a great week!

  8. I really appreciate what you post. You have a new subscriber now.

  9. I love the colours in those socks, the yarn is knitting up really nicely. And the sequinned shawl is great!


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