Monday, September 10, 2012

Back on the wagon

I am back on the wagon with my YOP posting.  I had to take a couple of weeks off because of personal scheduling issues.

You want to hear about them?  Really?  How sweet of you.

August 24-26 saw hubby and I at a Marian Conference here in Scottsdale (Arizona).  It is a fantastic conference and we go every year that it is given.  We learn so much about our faith and take back a lot of knowledge.  It is also a time when I can take my knitting/crocheting with me and work on it.  This year I had told you I was going to take my cancer ribbon shawl to complete.  But alas, I realized I would be looking at the pattern all the time and I needed mindless knitting.  So I took cotton yarn with me and worked on dishcloths.   I only managed to get 3 1/2 done but that is more than when I left for the conference.

Then we hit September.  Hubby and I were very busy that weekend painting our family room ceiling (YUCK!) and the walls in there.  We have ordered our flooring and it should be here in a couple of weeks so we HAD to get the painting done first.  The ordering of the flooring and the painting took up the entire day AND night of Saturday.  Sunday we had Family day and I must say I have an amazing Family.  My son and his wife came over and helped us rearrange our family room (just the way I wanted it).  It took us a couple of hours to complete all that and then it was time for rest and relaxation.

Did I knit during that week...............kind of.  Remember that pretty red yarn I showed you the last time I posted pictures?  Well, I took y'alls advice and cast on the shawl.  I had done about 10 rows when I decided my gauge was way too small.  So I frogged it and went up 3 needle sizes.  I love the way it is turning out now and I have completed the first 3 sections of it.

This past weekend saw hubby and I at an EWTN family conference here in town (Phoenix).  It was FREE and absolutely wonderful.  It is only on the road every other year and we figured it will a looooong time before it comes back to Arizona.  We got to see lots of the folks we see on EWTN all the time and it was quite informative and educational.  I also got to knit during that conference.  Started working on a sock on double points!  This is my first attempt with socks on DPNs and so far so good.

I did manage to finish the other fingerless mitt and I have put on several rows on the CA shawl and should be able to finish that soon.  I only need about 20 more rows so that means 6 - 7 more hours on that.  LOL  So I am working through the stash and have accomplished a bit on my YOP list.

Next week I should be able to put up pictures and my list.

Happy Crafting !


  1. Post some pics! but I'll wait patiently till next week..You've been very busy..but it sounds like a happy busy.. that's the best kind..

    I'm in the middle of DIY on the house..I understand!

  2. Sounds like you've been very busy, but hopefully now you'll get some time to relax and enjoy your new room!

  3. Your weeks sound like mine have been! Time to knit, oh wait, I have stuff to do...hmm, time to post and nothing to show lol. Glad to have you back, I think I'm MOSTLY back as well! I say that as we leave for vacation tomorrow haha


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