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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A quickie

This is just a quickie note to let you all know that I am still here.

I am still working on my cardigan and have 3/4 of the back done.  I am enjoying the pattern on the top part of it.  It manages to keep me alert but is not so hard that I have to have total silence to do it.

On the back, I am going to have to put 35 stitches on a stitch holder for the neck area.  So the other day I was out at WalMart and thought I had better pick up a stitch holder that is larger than the 2 that I currently have. (Plus those two will be used on the front of the cardi.)  All I could find were stitch holders that came in a kit along with row counters, stitch markers, straight needles and instructions books on how to knit.  I saw no reason to pay almost $10 for that when all I needed was one item out of it.  So Hubby and I were shopping later that day and I told him what I needed.  He suggested my LYS and I started laughing as they are a bit pricey on things and told him, just the stitch holder would cost that much there.  So we stopped in at JoAnn's and I got the holder I wanted for........................$1.59!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was really happy and even did a little dance in the middle of the yarn section.  (Hubby just shook his head and walked away. He just doesn't get IT!)

So the crafting continues at my house.  And if my little dog would quit tearing up her toys I would have more time for knitting instead of doing suturing of doggie toys and beds!  I just wish there were more hours in a day so I had more time to run yarn through my fingers and onto needles and hooks.  Even the weekends are not long enough for me. 

Speaking of weekends............This weekend (Saturday) we are going to a dinner/auction for the school that is with our church.  This is their annual fund raiser and it is always a great time.  I have placed about 15 sets of jewelry (ones that I made) in the auction.  Last year my jewelry brought in a pretty penny.  I could not believe what people were paying for the stuff lovely sets!  Some of them went for well over $100.  Most of the things I make only cost me around $10-$15 to make and that is for a 3 piece set!  I have tried to sell them before but no one seems to want to pay $25-$35 for them.  (But give everyone a few drinks and they go crazy over it!!)

Anyway...................I will let you know how the auction goes this year.  I usually walk away with something I truly love.  Last year I managed to get a cedar chest for my grand daughter for a really good price.  Can't wait to see what I get this year!

Happy Crafting

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