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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am totally bummed out.  I was all the way done with the back of my sweater and as I was getting the last row done and putting the neck stitches on my stitch holder (the one I got for $1.49) I discovered that I had way too many stitches.  Not a problem.  I would just rip it out down to where I made the decreasing mistake.  Did it and then tried to commence from that point when I discovered I could not in any way figure out what row of the pattern I was on.  So I thought about it for a while.  Considered lighting a match to the whole darn thing.  Thought about throwing it all in the trash.  Contemplated pretending to know what I was doing and just continue on even it the pattern didn't match up.  Then came to my senses and realized I was going to have to frog it all the way back to where the pattern started.  ARGH!!!!!!!!  There goes 13 inches of sweater.

I did that and then I put it gently down in my knitting area and walked away from it.  That was on Sunday.  On Monday night I looked at it and thought to myself that I would pick it up and start again.  Then felt myself getting upset again about loosing a weeks worth of work and walked away.  (again)  Tonight I sat across the room staring at the darn thing and realized that it was not going to knit itself.  I also came to the realization that there truly are not little elves that will come in at night and do your work for you.  So I picked it up and started back on the patterned area of the back.  I managed to get 9 rows done without mishap.  I only have about 66 more rows to go and I will be able to bind off the neck.  NO PROBLEM!!!!!!!  At this rate I should have the stupid wonderful piece of knitting wonder done by the time it snows here in Arizona again.  (that happens about once every 10 years or so!)

On the other hand, I ordered yarn today.  I know I promised not to buy anymore yarn until my stash was depleted but this was for a good cause.  I am going to make 2 spiderman blankets for two very special boys for their birthdays.  One birthday is in June and the other is in July.  Since they are crocheted and I crochet much faster than I knit I don't really see any problem of meeting that goal.  After all it is already starting to get to the 80 degree mark here in the desert and I will not be needing that cardigan for about 8-9 months yet.

I also found out this is national crochet month and I would hate to not celebrate that with the rest of the world.  And the final reason for deciding to start on the blankets ASAP is........we are planning a road trip next week and it will be much easier to work on the blankets then try and keep track of my pattern rows on the sweater.  (smart, huh?)

Other than that, the only other thing that I have pulled out to work on lately is one of my prayer shawls that I started several months ago.  OK, almost a year ago.  It is kind of a mindless work for the most part but not mindless enough to take on a road trip.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I feel your pain! I know how it is to have to rip back a project. I am working on a pair of crocheted socks and had to rip back the heel on the first one after I had completed it. Then I thought I had the hang of it and did the other one, only to have to rip that, too! Happy Crochet Month!


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