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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Step two and three, done

Step 2 is done.  I got the bags of yarn to the shawl ministry and it was so nice to have that done and off my mind.  Although I think they were a bit surprised when I brought in the bags.  I had told them I had 9 bags filled.  I think they thought I was talking about grocery bags.  I guess I should had told them they were the kitchen trash bags that were full. (oops)

I looked at the cubbies all bare and kind of felt sad that so much of my stash left the house but then this makes room for the type of yarn that I am using all the time. :)  (I know, not until I finish all my UFO's)  And speaking of UFO's.......I have counted that I only have 8 UFO's to my name!  That is pretty amazing to me.  I have about 30 rows left on my socks and they will be done and in my drawer.  I have 3 prayer shawls that are over half done.  I have an afghan for one of my grandson's that needs a bit more work on it. (ok ALOT of work on it).  My short sleeved cardi that I started about a month ago and the scarf that is to match my hat and mittens.  There is something else there but I can not remember what it is and since I am not at my home right now it will just have to be a mystery for all of us.

Step 3 DONE!  I cleaned off my beading table last night.  I got everything put into organizing containers.  I now have a lovely desk where I can sit and do all sorts of stuff without worrying about knocking something off and loosing it forever.  Infact I did just that as soon as the table was cleared off.  I mended 6 of my dogs toys.  She thinks she is a surgeon and is constantly "operating on the toys and removing legs, tails, eyes etc."  So I got them all fixed up for her.  She was so happy to have all her favorites back again in her toy box.  (glad I can please her so easily) 

I also started cleaning off the sewing table.  I have moved all the thread onto thread holders.  I have taken the material and put in on some of the cubbies.  I have wrapped up all the ribbon and put it in the ribbon drawer.  There is still more to do on that table but it is shaping up nicely.

I will not have time to work on the room tonight as I have to take the grand daughter to her dance lesson and then I go to Mass and then out to eat with some of our dearest friends.  But there is always tomorrow night as well as Friday night.

And if you are wondering.............yes my grand daughter was thrilled to be helping me in there again.  Although I did loose her to her polly pockets after about 20 minutes but she stayed with me the whole time.  Infact she helped with the repairing of the toys!

More pictures will be coming along as soon as I get it all done.  I don't want to spoil the surprise for y'all.

My neighbor will so pleased when I go knocking on her door.  She holds garage sales several times a year and I have LOTS to donate to her sale.  Maybe I can convince hubby to make a little trip over to her house sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Happy Crafting!

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