YOP LIST 2023-2024

Sunday, May 12, 2024



Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate this day in the US.  It was a nice day here.  Our TX son and wife came over and we smoked up some ribs and had a couple of sides with it.  We had a wonderful time.  Our daughter stopped by, on her way back home, to eat with us and enjoy some mom time.

Some beautiful colorful flowers from my daughter.  So pretty and colorful.

Yellow roses from my TX son.  My all time favorite flowers.

Crafting happened this week.  I worked on the gnome.

I am at a stall with it.  There is not that much more to do on it to finish it.  Yet, I just am not feeling like working on it.  So, it is in time out until I decide to continue on with it.  There are a few modifications I want to do to this to make it different from all the other ones already completed.

I didn't feel like working on my RCR socks either.  I was restless.  I wanted to do something. Something I have never done.  Something that would be useful.  I went browsing though all my patterns and found nothing.  Off to Ravelry I went to look around there.  BINGO!  Here is what I chose.

A ripple lapghan for the prayer shawl ministry at church.  Never have I ever done a ripple before.  I have some scrap yarn as well as one skein wonders that need using up.  This has been a joy to crochet.  It is perfect mindless work.  As long as I remember to count to 3, I am doing good with it.  Naturally, I decided to do something that lays in my lap as our weather heats up to 100F again.  

And that, my friends is all for my crafting.  

This past week we had a family day at Top Golf.

It was so much fun.  Lots of food, beverage and laughter all around.  Something different for us to do as a group.

And, I will leave you with this:

Enrique is upset with me because I refuse to feed him an hour before dinner time.  So he lays with his back to me.  I am not sure if he thinks this will hurt my feelings or what.  But I find it humorous.

Until Next Time.......................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful flowers and some wonderful family days. They are the best. Your prayer shawl is beautiful and I'm sure will be treasured.

  2. Chuckling here at a pouting Enrique. He is constant entertainment. I LOVE the colors in your ripple lapghan! It is good to read about your family activities.


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