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Sunday, October 8, 2023



This has not been a very productive week craft wise.  Let me just give you a 'quick' synopsis of my week in review.

Sunday (after my update) - I made bread, changed the sheets on the bed, stocked our beverage refrigerator, trimmed my basil plant (it died the next day!) and gave my new sourdough starter it's first feeding.

Monday - A glorious cool morning so I took a walk around the neighborhood.  While on that walk I saw this:

It actually made me jump a bit.  Click on the photo to see how real that child looks!  When I got home I tackled a job I had been putting off for a few weeks.  Transplanting three pots of Christmas Cactus into a larger pot.  It is completed and so far they all seem to be thriving in their new home.

This pot is HUGE.  It took 65 quarts of potting soil to get it full.  As I water it more and more I am sure I will be needing to add more soil because it will compact down some.

Tuesday -  Picked up DIL for a 7:30 medical procedure.  It was canceled due to some issues with her blood pressure and pulse.  So, I came home and baked a cake.

Wednesday - Once again picked up DIL for another Dr appointment to find out what was up with her blood pressure and pulse.  Spent over 2 hours at the Dr office getting tests done.  While there, I got my flu shot. Pretty much killed my day.  Josie came over in the evening and had dinner and we sat and talked for quite a while.  I love it when the Grandkids just pop over!

Thursday - I finally got to do laundry and work on some of my crafts.  The sock grew a bit.

The lone DPN is where I was last week. *sigh*  I am not enjoying these socks at all.  Way too boring for my liking.  But I will march on.  I also worked on my cross stitch:

I finished up the pink and blue and am now into the dreaded whites and greys.  No, I am not complaining about it.  It is just hard to see progress when the floss almost matches the cloth.  This project is giving me the most joy right now.  Even though it is slow going, I love doing it.

Friday - Hubby and I did our weekly grocery shopping.  We enjoy doing this together and have lots of laughs while doing it.  I spent some time working on the puzzle, I laid out a few weeks ago.  I find it so relaxing.

Saturday - We picked up food for our church's food bank and delivered it to the church's community center.  Grabbed breakfast burritos from our local mexican food place.  Took a bit of a nap.  Went to Mass and then to our friend's house for a lovely dinner.

Today - I woke up early only to discover my sourdough starter got extra active overnight.  I had starter all over my stove top (thank goodness it is a glass stove top and easy to clean).  It had glued the lid on the crock and was not easy to open it back up.  I got the stove cleaned up and decided to make some crackers with this lovely starter.  Then I put the remaining starter in a clean crock and gave it a feeding (not too much this time).  Crackers are done and I am finished with my week in review.

This coming week looks to be a bit quieter.   In fact, my planner has nothing written on it....Yet.  I know there are a couple of Dr appts I will be taking DIL to.  I am enjoying my time with her.  This gives me the opportunity to get to know her much better.  I am so glad they moved here!

Nothing new on Josh.  Keep up the prayers please!

Until Next Time............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Definitely praying for Josh and the whole family. How wonderful you are able to help out your family members. I love my Christmas cactus. Wishing you lots of blooms.

  2. You have the most interesting weeks! I always love to hear what you've been up to. You got quite a bit done on the sock and the cross stitch is beautiful! I can't wait to see more as you progress. I understand about the white on white...pretty boring but it will be stunning when you are finished.
    That "girl" was very creepy! LOL! Your family is so fortunate to have you close by to help. I am praying for you and your entire family and will continue.
    That cactus is huge! I have some outside planting to do this coming week. Take care!

  3. Sounds like quite the adventure with the sourdough starter. Here's to a quieter week this week.

  4. Liz here…well someone has really gone to town on their Halloween decorations early…that girl definitely looks real and super creepy. I hope your DILs blood pressure settles. That is pretty cool that Josie can just pop over to see you now, I miss my grandad still.

  5. we get our shots this week, I hope it is uneventful! how wonderful the grands pop in and do a visit, what a blessing!!

  6. Oh my goodness, that halloween set up would have probably given me a start. I don't know which is worse, the girl in the doorway or the baby hanging from the corner of the house. I always enjoy hearing about your starter dough. I want to see pictures of your crackers, now. Continuing to pray for Josh!


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