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Sunday, September 24, 2023



Hello again.  So glad you took the time to drop by.  Let me show you what happened this past week.

On Monday I finished another dishcloth.  It looks just like the ones I showed you last week so no reason to post another photo.  After that was completed I did not have any desire to cast anything else on.  So, I started this:

I have not done a puzzle in quite a while.  I am trying to work on this for about an hour a day.  It is very detailed with a lot of GREEN everywhere in it.

Tuesday I did laundry and other household chores.  

Wednesday I was ready to work with yarn again.  I started on another 'To The Point' shawl.  Now that I have culled out my excess yarn it is easy to find what I want to work with.  Hubby and I also cleaned the house this day.  It was his last day home for the week and he wanted everything all nice and clean before he left.  To help keep it clean we went out to our favorite Mom and Pop Italian restaurant.

It was so nice outside we were able to eat on their patio.  Yes, our temps have gotten much better this past week.  No 100's all week.  We will have a few more days of 100's this week but then back down into the 90's.

Thursday I drove hubby to the airport.  When I got home I sat down and finished the 'To The Point' shawl.

I love the red!  This color made me very happy.  Hopefully the recipient will feel happiness too when she wears it.

Friday I started hemming up my Grand Daughter, Jaxon's, dress she is wearing to a wedding next month.  I also made another run to the airport rental car place to pick up my youngest son.   My daughter came over that night and we had a lovely sleepover.

Saturday morning my daughter and I went and did the food pick up for our church's food pantry.  Then we went out for breakfast burritos.  Jaxon came over so I could double check the hem before I did the final cut and sew.  Good thing she did as the under skirt was a tad longer than the outer dress.  Then Josh (the middle son and Josie's dad) called and asked me to join them at the restaurant where Josie works for dinner and drinks.  It was so nice to be with them and their friends. I also picked up my cross stitch and put a few more X's on it.

It is slow going but I really enjoy working on it.  The thing with this is, I can not just pick it up and work on it for just a few minutes.  My goal is to be able to spend at least half an hour when I do work on it.  Not to mention, I can not watch TV while I am working on it.  Too many color changes too often to be distracted.

Today I got up early and went to Mass.  Afterwards, I stopped and picked up a few groceries.  I am now doing a load of towels and watching a movie while typing this.  In just a few hours I will be heading to the airport again to pick up hubby from his trip.

And that my friends is my week in review.  Still no new info on Josh's brain 'lesion'.  We are still waiting for the 2nd opinion and more testing.  Thank you all for you concern, thoughts and prayers.

Until Next Time................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a wonderful grandmother you are! What wonderful memories you are giving your granddaughters. We are cooler too - in the upper 70s. :) Ohio has wonderful springs and falls. My son is struggling with wanting to stay in Ohio while his significant other wants to move where the winters aren't so grey. Understandable.

  2. You have such a lovely close knit family. Did you say you had another son that was having health issues too or did I dream that? I've been praying for your entire family as it hard on all of you.
    I love the red shawl...stunning! You are a busy lady. Glad your hubby got home safe and sound. What would your family do without you? You are such a giving person. Hugs ~ Sam

  3. Since picking up my cross stitch again, I've been telling myself when I sit down with it, to plan to spend a half and hour. I think this will both help me get a fairly substantial amount done, but it will also help me pace myself. The last thing I need now is to burn myself out on it by sitting too long and stitching. A half hour might easily extend to an hour, but that should probably be my limit for now.

  4. lovely projects and still praying daily for Josh!!


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