YOP LIST 2023-2024

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Week 11 Of YOP 13

 Sitting here, watching my dog sleep/snore.  It is nice and quiet in my house.  I love a quiet early morning.  It won't last long, though.  Hubby has a meeting at church this morning, one of our Granddaughters is coming over to have me hem her formal dress for a wedding and then hang out to study for her insurance license test.  There is quite a bit of kitchen work I need to get to today too.  So, I will enjoy this bit of respite time and use it to update my blog.

I have a finish this week!

A Wee Sherlock sweater is completed.  It is a size 3-6 month.  It will be going to Texas for our Great Granddaughter who should be here in the next few weeks.  This is still my favorite pattern to make for all my special babies.

Of course there is a baby beanie to match.  There were so many different patterns tried for this hat. (four actually)  I finally settled on one that had the garter bottom that matched the sweater's bottom.  I added the cable on it so it would truly match the sweater.  Both of these FO's plus last weeks baby blanket FO will be heading to Texas as soon as I receive the address where they want them sent.  They are moving shortly and asked for the package to be sent to her parents home.

With those completed, it was time to decide what to work on next.

I grabbed hubby's sock and decided I wanted to get it going again so he would have a whole pair shortly.  There were only 10 rows put on it last night.  This will be my main project until it is completed.  Then I will move on to my SIL's socks and get those done and in the mail.

I have no other major plans for knitting at the moment.  My biggest plan is go go through all my yarn and thin it out.  I have yarn in there from YEARS gone by and will never use it.  The prayer shawl ministry, at church, is always looking for free yarn. (Especially acrylic)  I will be bagging it up this week and taking it them next Saturday.  This is not an excuse to purchase more yarn, though.  I will still have plenty left to play with.  

There were treasures in the mail this week too.

I finally broke down and ordered a set of QSnaps for my cross stitching.  Hoops are nice but do not hold the fabric taunt enough for my liking. I had used these years ago when I was cross stitching all the time.  Then, when my hands got so inflamed, I thought I would never cross stitch again and got rid of ALL of my floss, QSnaps, hoops, cloth and pattern books.  Who knew I would be able to take the craft up again 15 years later!

My 2024 Hobonichi Techno Weeks planner also arrived this week.  The planner itself is dark navy.  The cover is what gives it the interesting little art clips.  As soon as these planners go on the market, I grab one.  They sell out very quickly each year.  This has been my planner going on 3 years now.  Karen from Pumpkin Sunrise blog fame, is the one who introduced me to them.

News on my son, Josh.  He has had his consultations with the neuro's at Mayo Clinic.  There are more tests to be done.  He already had an EEG completed this past week.  We are now waiting for 2 more MRI's to be done before they decide what they will do next.  He is also hoping to get into Barrow's Neurological Institute for a second opinion. The waiting game is hard.  The not knowing what is going on in his brain is hard.  Being his mom and not being able to kiss it and make it better is the hardest.

We are keeping the faith and praying.  All of us are trying to stay strong for him and his family.  We have our moments, in private, when we break down too.  We are trying to continue living our normal lives.  It is not easy but we are trying.

I leave you with a photo taken last weekend.  This is Josh and Josie at the Metallica concert they went to last week. This was also 3 days after we were told there was a brain tumor.  

Memories in the making! 

Until Next Time...........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful picture of your son and granddaughter. Hopefully you will soon to begin to receive more encouraging news. The baby items are beautiful - the newest addition will look stunning in them. I might have to get some QSnaps - maybe it will motivate me to get back to cross stitching.

  2. I’m sorry to hear the news about your son and I will keep you all in my thoughts. The tests and waiting is so hard. It’s good to see there’s a second sock on the way, I’m struggling with that exact same issue but I’m trying to get better. I love a good planner, it’s such a good feeling when you find the one that works for you!

  3. What a wonderful sweater set for your new great granddaughter. Been thinking of you and your son all week. Will continue hoping that the tests bring positive news of a treatment plan.

  4. What a lovely little set!
    Every so often I crochet a blanket out of all the random acrylics I have in my stash. I rarely buy it, so how it keeps showing up is anyone's guess.

    I hope your family gets some answers about your son's tumor shortly, medical waiting can be scary and frustrating. I will be optimistic for all of you for the best outcomes possible.

  5. Lovely baby items. I've been thinking of you and your family all week.

  6. I've been praying all week and will continue. I imagine the waiting is terrible for all of you. Glad he was able to get it off his mind and Josie's for awhile at the concert.
    Your baby outfit is so darling! Just precious little items. I'm happy you are able to cross stitch again! I stitch in hand but I would like to try some higher count linen and I think I will definitely need to get some q-snaps for that.
    I used to use the really expensive planners when I was working and some electronic ones too but now I just make my lists in a composition notebook; the old black and white ones!
    The socks are coming along nicely. I hope you get so me good news this week!

  7. I am so sorry to read about your son, Marsha. I went back and read last week's post. How scary. I pray for his stamina and spirit through all the tests. I am glad to read you have such good medical resources near you.

    That is a beautiful sweater. I just love the button closure down the side of the front.

  8. I am fervently praying every single morning for your son, please keep us up to date when you are able to do so.


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