YOP LIST 2024-2025

Sunday, April 30, 2023


 Week 44!  Yikes, this year has flown by.  April 2023 is just about in the books and May 2023 is on the horizon.  My crafting this week was practically nonexistent.  

This is truly pitiful.  I only did 12 rows all week.  There were only 2 days, this past week, I even picked this up.  Very sad.

Does anyone remember this?

I put in a few hours on it this week and got most of the black on it.  The rest of the black will be lettering and backstitching.  It was nice to pull it back out and give it some love.

So why was my craft time limited?  I have no idea.  I had 3 evenings out but other than that, it was a normal week with normal household chores.  In the evenings that I was home, I found myself engrossed in a few very suspenseful TV shows.  Those are not good for knitting lace and very bad for trying to XS.  Maybe this week will be better for my projects.  Time will tell.

Otherwise, nothing else major happened.  We did have 2 grandkids drop by last Sunday for a lovely visit.  It made us feel so good to have them just drop in like that.  We must be the cool grandparents LOL.  I spent quite a bit of time this week trying to revive my sourdough starter.  As of this morning, it is super active and in the process of making a lovely boule of sourdough for us.  Note to self:  Do not let starter sit on counter for 3 days without feeding in warm weather!  GROSS!

I also am learning on how to cook on a Blackstone Griddle.  It is a bit of a learning curve but I am loving cooking on it.  It keeps the heat out of the kitchen too.  Today's offering from the griddle will be carne asada with homemade sourdough tortillas.  YUM!

OK, that is about all I can think to tell y'all.  Like I said, it was a fairly normal week here.  Oh, we have already hit 100F!  Looks like summer is just around the corner with it's beastly hot temperatures. Swimming season is soon to start!

How was your week?

Until Next Time....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Speaking of gross food processing, do you like kombucha? I do like to make my own since it is sooo expensive. I need to get into the habit of drinking it for lunch and/or dinner to get the probiotics. But that "scobi" on top is sooo gross. Lucky you to get a spontaneous visit from the grandkids.

  2. I think this time of year is a transition for all of us and new outside chores etc. I know I can't do too many crafts while watching t.v. or I mess then up....I can knit a leg or foot of a sock though! LOL!
    So nice to have the grands stop by!

  3. I remember that little camper! It's such a cute cross stitch. I have been so unmotivated to craft. The idea sounds appealing, but not enough to actually sit myself down to do it, evidently. It is so nice that you have your grandkids so close. And very special that they just drop in. Very cool, indeed. :)

  4. I remember the camper!! I used to knit way more before and who knows why I am doing less. It's just the way it is :)

  5. Liz here, playing catch up. I have weeks like that where I don’t know where the time went. If something is very suspenseful or gripping I can’t even knit socks, they sit in my hands. The griddle sounds interesting. 100° already ooof 😅 too hot for me 🥵


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