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Sunday, April 9, 2023



Blessings on this Glorious Easter morning.  I had a little bit of time before we started getting things set up for the influx of family arriving this afternoon.  So, what do you do with extra time?  Blog!  

I have an FO for this week.

My hands have finally settled down where I can work with super bulky yarn again.  That means Jaxon will get her second slipper today!  She is still in her boot from her foot surgery so I am sure this will get some wear.  It only took me two days to complete this.  Gotta love super bulky yarn!

I am still working on hubby's sock. 

The lone DPN is about where I was last week.  It is slow going.  Probably because I only work on it in bits and spurts.  Since our temperatures are heading into the 90's this week, I am not thinking he is going to need a long wool sock anytime soon.

Last week I talked about not feeling the urge to really knit much.  Well, this week my mojo has returned and I am wanting to cast on all things.  What I really wanted to make was another shawl.  But not just any shawl.  My favorite shawl.

I have made this shawl twice.  It is the shawl I use  when I need just a little bit of warmth.  Like, when the air conditioning is turned on full blast and I sit right under the vents.  Yup, it happened to me twice last week.  Thank goodness I carry this shawl in my purse when going out and about.  My problem was, I did not have anymore yarn with which to make this shawl.  No problem!

I will just order some.  Normally I make this shawl with Scheepjes whirl.  I was thrilled when I saw Scheepjes makes solid colors of this same yarn.  This off white (colorway Ice) and will go with everything my other two do not.  I am hoping to cast it on tomorrow.

The other acquisition we got this week was this:

A Blackstone Griddle.  This will be so nice to cook on outside so as not to heat up the house this summer.  Pool side cooking is wonderful.  

This past week has been a bit trying for us.  Sunday evening our kitchen sink backed up.  We tried everything other than chemicals to open it to no avail.  So, Monday we scrambled to find a plumber.  Not only did we find a plumbing company but also one that does electrical and water treatments.

After the plumber got the drain opened by scouring out our pipes, we discovered our dishwasher was not working and the drain had backed up into that!  Oh brother!  Called another company who works with appliance repairs.  Got him scheduled for Wednesday.

On Tuesday, we had a water softener installed.  We have the hardest water in the entire USA!  Not something we are very proud of.  All our faucets heads have horrible build up of white calcium on them which needs to be cleaned off about every 6 months.  Needless to say, hubby and I do not drink our tap water but do have an RO system installed for drinking purposes.  So, now with the water softener, we should not have these issues anymore.  Not to mention, we will be using less shampoo, soap and other cleaning supplies with soft water.

Wednesday the appliance dude came out, plugged the dishwasher back in and ta-da, it worked immediately!  Naturally!  He did run it through a couple of programs to make sure everything was perfect and then handed me the service call bill.  I was happy to pay it.  Better than buying a new dishwasher!

Everything is working just fine now.  Hubby and I got the house cleaned and ready for guests.  We attended our church's triduum (three holy days) starting Thursday night and ending Saturday night. All we have left to do is open up the diningroom table, ready our countertops for buffet style serving and then sit back and enjoy our day with family.

I hope your week went well and your Easter season is blessed beyond measure.

Until Next Time...........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So glad you are feeling better. I'm sure you had a wonderful day with family. What a beautiful shawl pattern. I can see why you have knit multiple ones. The white one sounds beautiful. What do you keep it in to keep it clean while in your purse? Just love the yarn you are using for your husband's socks. I'm sure your granddaughter will be glad to get her second sock.

  2. yikes to the clogged sink! However your projects are lovely and I hope you had a fun time with family!!!

  3. So glad your hand and your mojo are both back in working order! The yellow sock is so cute! I have got to make some shortie socks for summer. Thanks for the reminder. The new cast on with the white yarn is going to be perfect for all your clothes.
    The grill looks nice. So sorry you had so many appliance problems. At least you can get repair people. Here it is hard to even find anyone! Your Easter get together sounds so nice. Enjoy!

  4. Liz here, I’m so pleased your hands are feeling better. It’s good to occasionally do a bulky quick project. I hate when house things go wrong, hopefully that won’t happen again. My sister and parents live in hard water areas, ours is very soft here in the Highlands and it does save on detergents and we’ve never had any limescale at all. My parents have a water softener but my sister doesn’t, for the amount of replacement washing machines, kettles, and limescale removal products they’ve bought over the years I’m sure a softener would be cheaper. I hope Easier went smoothly.

  5. It sounds like you've had a good week, Marsha. Soft water and working appliances make the world better. :) How nice to have found a multi-talented plumber.

  6. I'm so glad your hands are better. The socks/slippers are great especially the bulky yarn!


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