Sunday, March 19, 2023

WEEK 38 of YOP 12

 Welcome!  So glad you stopped by today to give my little blog a read.  Monogamous knitting is still going on here at my Casa.

Another stripe is completed.  The little dark progress keeper is where I was last Sunday.  I am hoping this yellow stripe will be the last one needed.  If the lapghan is still not long enough, I do have another skein of the orange to add to it.  

Last night I found a boo-boo!

A dropped stitch!  It is in the row BELOW where I was last Sunday.  No way am I going to take out that much knitting for one little dropped stitch.  I will sew it in once I complete the entire blanket.

Friday was St Patrick's day but hubby and I decided to have our traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner on Saturday.  This worked out so much better for us.  Since I cook ours in the crockpot, it was ready and waiting for us when we got home from Mass!  I also made a loaf of Irish Soda Bread from a recipe I got from Maureen.  (AKA Knitting is so Fun blog).

It was so yummy!  Even though it is called Irish Soda Bread, it does not have any baking soda in it.  But, the flavor..............of my goodness.  I cut a lovely slice of it for breakfast today.  I toasted it and slathered it with real butter.  OH MY!  Best breakfast ever.

I cooked this in my bread bowl from King Arthur.

This was the first time I had ever used it even though I have had it for several months.  I used parchment paper in it so the dough would not stick to the pan.  Not to mention the pan stays clean and I did not need to use anything to 'grease' the pan.  Parchment paper is my best friend.  I use it all the time when cooking and baking.  The bread came out so lovely from this pan.  Now, I am making a list of other breads I will be making in this bowl.  I do not know why I waited so long to try out this bowl. 

This past week was pretty busy for me.  First off, we were down to one car.  We loaned our other car to Josie's family as they were down to one car and three drivers.  So, hubby and I planned out our week so neither of us needed to be somewhere at the same time.  It worked out perfectly!

Monday was a quick grocery store run.  A nice quite day otherwise.  

Tuesday we went to my cousins for 'taco in a bag' party.  I made caprese skewers to take for an appetizer.  While tasting food from what others brought, I discovered a new dessert that I knew I needed to make for our next family get together.  Churro Cheesecake Bars!  A light and yummy dessert.

Wednesday I spent the day with my daughter on her side of town.  (About 45 minutes from my house) It was a gray and rainy day here.  So spending the day with my daughter really brightened the day.   We went to, As You Wish, to paint pottery.  I painted two items.  Hopefully I will be able to show you what they are next weekend.  After painting we went out for a nice leisurely lunch at a lovely Mexican restaurant (Barrio Queen)


Thursday I got an early morning phone call asking me to take Jaxon to her post operative appointment.  Guess where the appointment was............Same place as where I was yesterday!  Her mom ended up going to the ER as she had gotten acetone in her eye!  She is fine and her eye is fine but it was scary.  After the Dr appt, Jaxon and I went to see her Grandma who is in a nursing facility.  After that we went to have a yummy BBQ lunch at a Texas BBQ place.  (Rudy's BBQ) She was thrilled as she was missing her Texas BBQ.

Friday I finally got a chance to catch up on my household chores.  Menus were made out, groceries were bought, ran to WalMart and Sam's club to grab a few supplies.  Managed to get a load of laundry completed before my energy finally ran out.

Saturday hubby and I did our early morning food bank pick up and delivery run.  Afterwards we picked up a breakfast burrito to share.  I was able to get the rest of our laundry completed and put away.  I hate not doing laundry throughout the week, but this past week did not allow for that to happen.  Hubby and I went to Mass in the evening while the corn beef and cabbage was simmering away in the crockpot.  (it was super yummy too) When we got home we got a phone call from our youngest son (the one who moved here from TX).  His wife's mom had just passed away!  I had just visited her on Thursday and she looked great.  I was in total shock.  So is the whole family.  Totally unexpected.

This past week was also a week of getting used to having only 1 dog.  It seems strange not to fix two meals each feeding time.  In the kitchen I am no longer having to look down to see where our deaf dog is so I don't trip over her or walk on her feet.  Enrique is adjusting slowly too.  We got rid of the automatic water bowl they both used and I bought a smaller one for him.  I also bought him a new food bowl.  This way only his smells will be on these things.  The only thing I have not gotten rid of is her bed.  He seems to get comfort from seeing it next to his. He is eating and drinking fine and is enjoying being next to us without having to fight for attention.

Here he is on the couch sitting between myself and hubby.  He has even started playing with his squeak toys again!  It just takes time.

This coming week looks to be a bit more quiet and normal.  I have baking planned as well as actually cooking meals this week.  Last week was a hit or miss in that department.  

That's all from me this week.  I have high hopes of finishing the lapghan this week.  How was your week?  

Until Next Time.....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!


  1. So sorry for your son and his family. It will be so difficult for them especially these next few months. Sounds like you had a nice week and I'm glad the soda bread turned out so well. I've never used a bread bowl to bake bread. We too LOVE parchment paper. A knitter after my own heart just using a needle and thread to fix small errors.l

  2. so glad she is okay! Scary. I am sorry for you dog loss, it is so strange to readjust our lives and habits when they are no longer with us.

  3. I'm so sorry for your son's mother in law. And glad Enrique is adjusting , all be it slowly.
    The blanket looks lovely and you have got through so much of it!

  4. So many good things in your week - even Jaxon's scary encounter with acetone ended well. I'm glad you linked to the bowl you used to make your soda bread. I made soda bread in my clay cooker, but recently son said he wanted to learn to make bread and he came over for a baking day a couple of weeks ago. I've been searching for the right kind of baker (that doesn't cost an arm and a leg). Have been eyeing dutch ovens because I have it in my head that the baker needs a cover for the bread to rise. But your bread looks beautiful. I wonder if you mind my asking you some questions: Does the crust on top crack at all, and is the crust crispy? And how long did you bake this size loaf? And at what temperature? Does the King Arthur baking bowl come with baking instructions? These are just things I ask as I consider buying this very affordable baking bowl. I like my clay baker, but maybe I should just buy one of these bowls and try it out myself.


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