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Sunday, March 5, 2023



Happy Sunday.  We finally have sunshine here after a wild week of rain and snow.  Although I didn't personally get snow at my house, there was snowfall about 20 minutes away from me.  That is quite unusual for us desert rats.  But, we got quite a bit of rain in the past week.  Flowers are blooming and trees are budding.  Spring is in the air here.  I know, you didn't come here to hear about Arizona weather.  Here is what happened with my needles and yarn this past week.

I got a text from my Granddaughter, Jaxon.  She had foot surgery about 2 weeks ago and was getting ready to go into a walking boot.  She asked if I could make her a comfy sock to wear in the boot.  I asked what color and she asked for yellow or green.  I find yellow to be such a happy color, I decided to go with it.

This sock is super thick and cushy.  I used Sweet Delight chunky from Hobby Lobby.  Of course I made an RCR sock as they are so easy to do and everyone seems to love them.  I made it in 3 days and delivered it to her on Friday.  Unfortunately, her foot is still too sore to put it on so we do not know if it will fit or not.  I told her I would not make the other one until I knew this one fit ok.  

Other than the slipper, I just worked on the lap blanket.

I am still enjoying working on this.  A lovely mindless project.  The small progress keeper in the orange row is where I was last Sunday.  Hopefully I will be able to get the yellow section completed this week and move onto the next orange one.  I am using Brava worsted from Knit Picks.  They had a sale on this yarn last year and I bought several colors to use for the prayer shawl ministry. This is the only knitting project I have going.  

That covers my week.  How is your week going?  Got anything new happening?

Until Next Time...................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a great idea to have a thick comfy sock for the boot. I hope your granddaughter heals well. It has certainly been a weird year for winter weather. Zero rain here in SW Florida so lots of wild fires. That's a new thing for this midwesterner where wild fires are not a thing.

  2. Liz here..well I got confused, for a minute I thought I was reading Mary-Ann’s blog when I saw and read of snow! I was not expecting snow in Arizona. I hope your granddaughter’s foot heels well.

  3. That will be great for her foot...so cushy. I hope it fits her. Love the colors in that blanket!
    Yes, crazy weather every where.

  4. I left you a comment...it's Sam....I hope you get it!

  5. I see the picture in the next post where Jaxon is wearing and loving the cushy sock you knit for her. How terrific is that!


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