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Sunday, October 23, 2022


 This will be one of the shortest posts I have ever done.  Not much going on here other than working on my Nuuk.

After I posted last Sunday, I got to an end of a skein of yarn and decided to try on the sweater.  I put all the bottom stitches on waste yarn and put it on.  WHOA!  I don't know who I thought I was making this sweater for.  It was HUGE!  The shoulder area and upper chest fit fine.  My swatch was spot on and even while I was checking gauge while knitting it was spot on.  What was not spot on was the amount of underarm stitches the instructions told me to add on when I split for sleeves.  I had to rip it all the way back to the underarm cast on.  UGH!  Four inches of stockinette gone!  This time I only added 8 extra stitches to the underarm instead of 26!  I knit again until I ran out of that same skein of yarn.  Tried it on and TA-DA.  It was a wonderful fit.  Just enough positive ease to make me happy.  Then, I decided to go ahead and do the neck ribbing as well as making the sleeves the length I wanted them.  Now all I have to do is knit endless rows of stockinette until it is the length I am comfortable with.  I have already done the a-line increases so it is just mindless knitting for the foreseeable future.

And that, my friends, is all I have done this week.

Tomorrow, hubby and I will be going to get the new Covid booster.  We got our flu shots last week.  That way we are set for the 'winter'.

I will leave you with a photo of Josie as smee in her performance last Sunday.  This was the cast line up at the end of the play.  Pardon all the blacked out faces, but the cast is all minors and I do not have permission to display them on social media. 

The one uncovered face is Josie as Smee.  The play was excellent and the one liners in it were spot on.

Until Next Time...........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good to hear you are getting your winter shots. Got my Covid booster 2 wks ago and get my flu shot this Tuesday. Then I should be ready for holiday gatherings. Sorry to hear you had to rip out the body but glad you tried it on before it was done. I keep checking my hubby's sweater versus one he likes but I too am worried that the arm stitches work out right.

  2. Well done for checking thr the fit when you did! At least you now get a lovely sweater that fits the way you want.

  3. It’s a good thing you checked the fit of the sweater. I’m glad you were able to fix it and get a better fit. ~Jen @Carolina Tales

  4. Yep! It is always painful to rip back and lose all that knitting, but think of all the knitting that would be wasted if you never wore the item. I am never disappointed when I rip back. Good job.

  5. Wow that pattern sounds very odd instructing so many under arm stitches, I’m glad it is now all sorted and fitting better. It could have been worse and you’d not noticed until the end.


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