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Sunday, October 9, 2022



Hey there!  Glad you dropped by today.  I hope your past week was a good one.  Mine was busy and productive.

Here is my finish!

To The Point shawl is completed.  I do need to sew on the medal and label before it goes to the ministry at church.  I usually like to wait until I have a few shawls done to do that.

I worked on the Rose City Roller socks too.

They both now have the same number of rows completed on them.  These are my go to project in the morning while I am listening to my daily bible readings and prayers.  

There was a new project cast on yesterday.  My plan had been to cast on Ranunculous.  I had the pattern, needles, yarn and had even swatched for it.  I read the instructions............several times.  For some reason, I just could not 'get into' the rhythm of the pattern.  So, I sat for a few days and finally decided to cast on Nuuk.

I will be making some modifications to the body of this sweater.  I plan on making it more of an a-line sweater so as not to 'hug' my hips.  Fingers crossed my calculations and modifications work out.

The rest of the week went by in a blur.  Here is a quick recap.

Monday - The day started off fantastic.  There was a loaf of sourdough bread made, a load of laundry done, plants watered etc....  Then the afternoon hit me.  OUCH!  Stupid RA!  And then that evening we got smacked with a huge dust storm, winds, and rain in certain areas.  OK, so now I know why my RA kicked up.

Tuesday - I did nothing.  It was a day allowing my body to recoup.

Wednesday - Hubby and I had an estate planning meeting.  We already have our trust and will done but it needed to be updated.  That afternoon we went to look at a house with our son.  OH MY!  This house was great on the inside but the outside was horrible!  It would have taken THOUSANDS of dollars to make the pool and surrounding grounds to be usable.

Thursday - More laundry was done.  My RA was quiet and so I was able to get a few more household chores completed.  There were 3 more houses to be toured too.  The first home was super cute but very small.  The pool had some major issues too so that got taken off the list.  The second house had great curb appeal.  Upon walking in we felt like we had been transported back to 1940!  Oh My!  We went no further than the front room before we left.  The third house was great.  The layout was perfect and the pool was gorgeous.  There were a few things needing to be done but nothing that would stop from moving in and living there.

Friday - It was catch up day for me.  There was deep cleaning of a couple of areas.  I am trying to do 15 minutes each day of deep cleaning.  So far I have done the dining room table (the catch all table) and my special daylight lamp with tray.  It was amazing to see how much dust and dirt was on both of those items.  

Saturday - We went with our son to look at a house that was 3 houses down from us.  BIG FAIL!  Nothing was done properly in the home and would have take copious amounts of time and money to make it livable. I went with our son in the afternoon to look at one more home. (Hubby went to Mass) This one was an hour away from our house.  The curb appeal was fantastic.  The pool and grounds were gorgeous.  The interior was very nice too.  There were a few things needing to be done.  The only issue with it was, it was choppy.  Lots of rooms and not really any great 'open' area.  Once we left there our son called his wife and they decided to put an offer in on the last house we saw on Thursday.  So, now we wait for a response from the seller to see if they will accept the offer or give a counter offer.  After all of that, hubby and I went out to dinner with our BFF's.  It was nice to finally be out and away from all the hustle and bustle.

Today - I got up super early to make it to 7AM Mass.  Afterwards I went to the local Taco shop and got breakfast burritos for all of us.  This afternoon the 3 of us are going to go and meet up with our other son and his wife and watch some football together.  Until then, I will be working on my sweater.  I am almost ready to join it in the round!

Until Next Time.......................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Best wishes for your son as he tries to find a house. Very stressful. Sorry the Ranunculus didn't "speak" to you. Hope you enjoy knitting Nuuk. I'm lucky that I don't seem to have much arthritis so far. Hubby definitely has it in his fingers. So far not slowing him down in his chef duties but I can see the day when holding a knife will be difficult for him.

  2. I hope he finds a house soon and as close as possible!! You've been knitting quite a storm! Lovely shawl :)

  3. Fingers crossed the offer is accepted. Moving is stressful so I hope it all goes smoothly for them. Liz


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