Sunday, November 21, 2021

Week 21

 Howdy!  It feels good to be back home sitting in my chair writing on my blog with Enrique curled up next to me snoring away.  Routines are very comforting and hubby and I are happy to be back to ours.  

Knitting has been happening the past few days.  Letting yarn slip through my fingers and watching things form is a wonderful thing.  I have 1/2 a finish today..................

This is a worsted weight Rose City Roller sock.  Never have I made a sock from worsted weight yarn.  It goes super fast!  I made this one in 2 days.  The mate to it will be cast on later today.  They are going to Texas and being gifted to my Sister in law's mom, who is on hospice.  They will be bed socks to help keep her feet warm.  This is leftover yarn from my Roe Cardigan.  I wanted to get these done before cold weather hit them.

I also worked on my fingering weight RCR socks...................................

The heel is completed and now it is gusset time and then the everlasting foot knitting.  I am so happy I chose this self patterning yarn.  It is Hobby Lobby's Cozy Toes yarn in the colorway "All for Alabaster".  

That is all for knitting this week.  I still need to sew up the side seam of my Roe Cardigan.  Maybe later this week, I will get to it.  Right now I am enjoy some semi mindless knitting and crocheting.

Hubby and I returned home last Wednesday.  We did not expect to be gone as long as we were.  But taking care of final arrangements and coordinating with the other siblings took longer than we expected.  Now we wait until January for our final goodbyes and a bit more closure.  

After unpacking and getting things put away, I made out two weeks of menus and a grocery list of what would be needed.  We decided to go to our new super huge grocery store to see if we could find some of the more 'unusual' things on our list.  Success!  Our pantry is now stocked as is our fridge.  It only took 3 hours and two stores to complete the list.

Today I am making Italian sub rolls to eat with our kielbasa links.  It is a new to me recipe so hopefully it turns out.  I am trying very hard, not to purchase store bread anymore.  My larder is stocked with all sorts of flours that are begging for me to use them.  The family has also asked me to make the bread for Thanksgiving this week.  I will make a loaf of sourdough as well as some dinner rolls.  My house is going to smell so good.  Most of the bread recipes I use come from the King Arthur website.  

I want to thank all of you, again, for the condolence messages you left.  You are all very kind. Fiber folk are the best!

Until Next Time............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Bed socks are a great idea. This week is the first time I had to wear socks to bed because my feet just wouldn't warm up thus keeping me awake. I know that handmade socks will bring comfort and joy. Nothing wrong with enjoying the simple pleasure of being home. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

  2. That is a wonderful gift for your SIL's Mother. There's so little that we can do at that point it is nice to give comfort where we can. I still need to make some RCR's....they are so cute. I can't wait until I am done with Christmas making so I can do some of mine. I'm glad you had a safe trip home and I imagine you were both exhausted with all the emotions running high. I'm so sorry for your is never easy even if we know it is coming. Bless you both and your family too. I am sure you are glad to be home. I stopped making bread because it's just me and without preservatives I couldn't eat it fast enough. Happy TRhanksgiving!

  3. Yay for worsted weight socks - I love them - like slipper socks almost! Your fingering RCRs look amazing. I love how the pattern the yarn is making. My goodness your panty must be a thing of beauty, and my mouth is watering reading about your dinner plans. I am glad you are home safe and sound and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  4. Loved seeing all your socks in progress. Those will be fun to work on during these colder months and well appreciated to keep someone's feet warm. I, too, love being at home and my schedule, so I completely am on board with getting re-settled at home after a stressful trip. Enjoy the quiet!

  5. All the bread sounds great. The sock looks good and such a good idea. Looking forward to seeing the Roe cardibin it's full glory!

  6. I’m sure she will really appreciate her bedsocks. I have some very loose alpaca socks I wear, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of some thicker RCRs, even just for round the house they sound good. Plus a great use of your leftover yarn. Have a wonderful thanksgiving, fresh bread baking yum!

  7. lovely socks and glad you are back. Happy thanksgiving!

  8. How thoughtful of you to make those bed socks for your SIL's mother. I haven't made a pair of worsted weight socks in a long time, I might need to!!

    I'm glad you are home, and even though it took longer than expected, get everything wrapped up.

    Re: Bread. This is the first year that I didn't make a loaf of anything. I used canned crescent rolls and my bread for stuffing was a frozen savory quick bread from a few months ago! I hope your thanksgiving breads become the stuff of legend.


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