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Sunday, November 14, 2021



Hello people.  This update may seem a little disjointed.  Let me apologize for that right away.  I will explain at the end.

No finishes to show you.  However, I did complete the prayer shawl but did not photograph it.  oops.

I started a chemo hat to go with the shawl.

I prefer the rolled brim hat.  This way it isn't too restrictive on the forehead.  Hoping to complete this soon.

I also started another pair of RCR socks.

This is a self patterning yarn so I thought it would be interesting to use.  I am up to the heel flap.

Then there is the Roe Cardigan.

The sleeves have been sewn on and the right side is completely sewn together.  All I have left is sewing the left side and doing the collar.  Not too worried about it as it is still in the high 80's.  

We got a call on Tuesday late afternoon that my Mother in Law had been moved to inpatient hospice care.  Hubby and I hit the road the next morning.  Between the time of the phone call and our leaving we managed to get dog sitters, clothing packed, fridge cleaned, and several other 'little' things arranged for our absence.  We arrived in Las Vegas Wednesday morning.  Family arrived on Thursday, from all over to see her.  On Friday morning we lost her.  It has been a whirlwind since.  We are still in Las Vegas and will probably be here for another few days to tie up loose ends.  Interment won't be for another 2-3 months!  Covid backed things up at the VA cemetery.  Luckily, I brought the three projects shown to you today, to work on.  We are blessed that we have such good friends that we have been staying with.  It makes this time a little brighter for us.

Until Next Time.....................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about you mother in law's passing. I am sure it was a great comfort to her that so many were there to say goodbye. Take care of yourself and your hubby of course. A whirlwind trip indeed - remember to take time to just breath (and knit if it gives you some respite and comfort).

  2. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about your Mother in law’s passing. How comforting to have had family around and so glad your husband was able to make some visits too her after the lockdown eased. Take care and best wishes. (The link was missing on the YOP Ravelry Page, so I edited it this morning to add your link.)

  3. I am so sorry to hear about you MIL. It's wonderful that you have family and friends there to support you and lend a helping hand. The hat with the rolled brim is so pretty and a good idea so it doesn't restrict. Your Roe cardigan is going to be a beautiful addition to your wardrobe! Take care and have a safe trip home.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL! That all sounds really tough for you and your family. Glad you had some projects along to keep your hands busy tho. :)

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your MIL. I hope the "loose ends" are a tidy tie.

    Your current projects look great, by the way! I also have a love of roll brim hats, they look a bit lit a cloche! Which I have always found fun.

  6. Wow. I too give my condolences. So glad you were able to make necessary arrangements and see her one last time. Glad to hear you remembered some knitting. Thinking of you and your dear husband during this sad time. Your cardigan really is beautiful.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear this news and hope you can at least take some comfort from having everyone around you. Take care.


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