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Sunday, September 5, 2021



I have quite a bit to 'talk' about today so lets get busy.

First up are a couple of finished items.

The Chinese Waves dishcloth was completed Thursday.  Once that was off the needles, I decided to cast on another one.

Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth is a quick and easy knit.  I finished this one in about 1.5 hours Thursday evening.

I was on a roll.  So, I decided to pick up hubby's socks and take them to Adoration with me to see how far I could get on them in an hour.  Once I started working on them, I could not quit.

Sock #1 got completed Saturday afternoon.

Sock #2 will be completed after I post this.  There are only 8 rows left of ribbing and then the bind off.  The white progress keeper shows where I was on both socks when I picked them up on Thursday evening.  I will be happy when these are in the hub's sock drawer.  The injury I have sustained while knitting these is quite painful

That red spot is a puncture wound from my stiletto pointed needles I use for socks.  Seems I have a habit of 'helping' the needle slide through the stitch.  OUCH!

Once the socks are done, I will pick up my Roe Cardigan again to work on it.  Luckily the needles are much bigger and don't stab me like my 2.50mm ones do.  

The Roe did get some love this week though.  The progress keeper shows where I was last Sunday.  I am still enjoying it but, it is starting to get to the point it is a bit warm on my lap.  I put a little fan next to my knitting station and that helps keep me from melting as much.

That is all for knitting this week.  There has been so much going on in our regular lives, I want to share a bit of it with you.

I got my new bread maker and tried to out.  It completely ruined what I was making and then the paddle got stuck into the pan and the instructions were absolutely horrible as far as figuring out where all the issues lay.  So................whoosh............I shipped that bad boy back to Amazon.  I will continue to use my old, noisy bread maker until the thing completely quits working.  At least I know how it works and any little quirks it may have.

Hubby has a new coffee station!

When we stay with our friends in Las Vegas, the casita we stay at has a keurig coffee maker.  Hubby fell in love with how nice and neat and clean it was.  So, he found this keurig at Costco on sale and grabbed it.  I found the storage tray for it to sit on and now he has his own little coffee bar.  I love it because I do not have the coffee pot mess to deal with every day.  (Can you tell I am not a coffee drinker?)

I made sourdough garlic knots one evening for dinner.  In order to make them you must roast a head of garlic.

This made that chore very easy.  And yes, the garlic knots were delicious and no, there is not a photo of them as they were gone before I could take a picture.

The last treasure I got this week was this:

My newest orchid.  I now have 4 of them sitting on the window sill over my sink.  Hopefully they will all bloom again.  One of them has bloomed since I got it but the others have not.  I love the color of this one and was so excited when I saw it.  The color is called lilac moonstone.  

This morning I treated hubby and myself to some warm blueberry bread.

I bought the mix last year and decided it was not going to bake itself.  Oh my, it is so good.  I baked it in my Nordic Ware Jubilee loaf pan.  It makes it look so pretty.

I will leave you with a photo of the two joys that live with me.

While hubby was running the vacuum, I went into my craft room to wind up some yarn for my Roe Cardi.  These two are not fans of the vacuum so they came in with me.  Enrique (on the left) is hiding under my big craft table and Luna (on the right) is laying on my blocking mats that are covered with blankets just for the doggos.  Once hubs was done vacuuming, Luna left the room but Enrique stayed until I was done winding the yarn.  He is pretty much glued to me 24/7 anyway.

Until Next Time.....................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your Roe cardigan is sooo pretty. I will definitely need to check out that pattern. I can totally relate to getting puncture wounds while knitting. Your hubby's socks look great. SCORE on the Keurig machine!

  2. What? A bread mix will not bake itself? What a disappointment! *LOL* 'tis the season for bread making, isn't it? I digged out my old Irish Brown Bread recipe and am going to try making edible bread tomorrow. The socks look great, such lovely, vibrant colours.

  3. I get the same injury when I make socks (2-at-a-time) with my Hiya-Hiya extra sharps. Because I also "help". The socks are beautiful!

    Bummer that your new bread machine was a bust. Its such a disappointment when things don't work as expected.

  4. Oooh... that Chinese Waves dishcloth looks really squishy. And I just learned to make that Grandma's Favorite cloth this week - only I used a video tutorial. My first attempts when following a written pattern were not successful. I look forward to making more and adding this pattern to my dishcloth lineup.

    Beautiful orchid. I'm not all that familiar with them, but I wondered if this one was a unique color. What a pretty name for that color, too.

    My bread machine will simply not die. I've had it for nearly 25 years (it sees more bread made some years than others). It's so ugly, and rattley I keep thinking I'll be totally fine if it croaks because now that I have a kitchen aid stand mixer (that I inherited from my MIL) I can easily make bread dough with that. I've never mastered using my bread machine the way you do - to just mix the dough and let it rise and then take it out and bake it in the oven. All these years I've just lived with round bread loaves. Except for when I buy bread, that is.

  5. Oh this is interesting, I always get a cut on my finger as well, but mine is a little more in the center. Cool to see the mechanics of how different people knit, though I'm sorry it's hurting you!
    The Roe cardigan looks amazing, I can't wait to see how it turns out. And that orchid - wow!!

  6. knitting is dangerous! I punctured myself doing the same thing - yikes! I do like your washcloths!!

  7. I'm like you ... I help the needle through the stitches and have wounded myself as well. Take care of that finger, hope it stops hurting soon.

    Very productive week you've had ... well done!

  8. Wow that blueberry bread looks good, my tummy has just started to rumble and it’s bed time doh! Very pretty yarn on those socks. I have a set of sock needles that are very sharp and I have been known to wrap washi tape around my finger to stop me piercing a hole in my finger.

  9. This is a very tasty sounding post, I could certainly do with some of that blueberry bread. Those needle injuries are surprisingly painful, I hope it heals up soon and doesn’t disrupt your fabulous progress.

  10. Yep I get the same injury! I resort to a thimble on occasion.


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