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Sunday, September 19, 2021



As September rolls along, so do my fiber arts.

The back to my Roe Cardigan is completed.

I forgot how quickly worsted knits up.  I also forgot how quickly my attention moves from one item to another.

Case in point:

Here is all I have done on the right side of the cardigan.  Seeing I finished the back on Wednesday, you would think I would have more of this side done.  Nope.  I only started this section late last night.  And, the only reason I started this late last night is because my conscious was screaming at me to complete a project within a decent time frame. The last cardigan took me over a year to complete!

I did not work on the giant granny square blanket at all this week.  But, I did work on this:

A new pair of Rose City Roller socks.  This time they are for ME!  I am on the heel flap of the first sock.  I started them late Thursday night and am only doing a little bit a day on them.  Seeing it is still around 100F here, socks are really not called for yet.

I am still working on a puzzle and will post a photo of it when it is completed.  It has been a work in progress for almost 3 weeks now.  I try and limit myself to 1 hour a day on it.  Otherwise, I would be working on it for HOURS at a time.

In other news.............................................

My new metal pantry came in on Wednesday.  We waited to start putting it together until Friday.  We got going pretty good when this happened:

This is supposed to be the bottom panel for the pantry.  

There is no way this is going to attach to the rest of the pantry.  So for now.....................

The parts that have been assembled are laying on our pool table until the new piece comes in.  According to the manufacturer, that will be in 7-10 business days.  It is just a little frustrating.  Good thing I had not emptied out the old pantry yet.

Today I need to make a loaf of bread, do 1 load of laundry, and watch copious amounts of NFL football.  Actually, hubby is the big football watcher.  I listen and work on my knitting, crocheting, puzzle and read during the 12 hours it is on.

This coming week, I have dog duty again.  In fact, I have dog duty for the next 2 weeks.  It works our well as hubby is going to a conference the end of this week and next week he and his brother are heading to Las Vegas to visit their mom.  

So, what are your plans for the coming week?  Anything fun and different?  Any new craftiness happening?

Until Next Time..................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ouch, you seem to be taking it well that the panel got buckled. Love the bright colors you are using for your Rollers. It's hot here too but cool weather is expected by the end of the week. I'll be glad when cooler temperatures get here. Your cardigan is coming along beautifully.

  2. My week ahead is uncertain. I'm not YOPing again today, but wanted to check in on my crafting buddies. Your sweater is looking terrific. What a pretty stitch pattern. So sorry to see the dent in the bottom of the metal pantry. Glad the company can replace it, but wow, that seems like a long time to wait. But it's probably not a part they keep in storage. Let's hope it's not coming on a slow boat from China. That phrase has taken on new meaning in the pandemic! Have a good week, Marsha. :)

  3. yay for a pair of socks for YOU! you seem to knit for others so yay. I like the way worsted knits up fast and yet I gravitate towards the skinny yarns.

  4. I love that sweater piece you've finished - it's a gorgeous pattern. Ugh! How frustrating about the pantry. Glad they could at least get a part out to you to fix it!

  5. Oh that must be frustrating finding the damaged base of your pantry. I haven’t heard of a metal pantry before, so I’m wondering if that is something used across all states in the US or just the southern ones that get the heat? I can totally understand why a garment in sections would take longer, once something comes off the needles it’s fun to start something new.

  6. I love your cardigan! I sit white or a pale pink? Either way it is so pretty! I love the yarn for your new socks. I think that is what is so neat about socks...you can use yarn that you might not use for a sweater or other garment. I would like a sweater with that yarn though!
    That is so disheartening about your pantry. I've not see a metal pantry. Does it go in your kitchen? I am back to painting mine which is just outside my kitchen door in the garage. It was never painted so i started last fall but had to quit when the cold weather came and then it was too hot in the summer so now I am hoping to finish it before winter. I can't wait to see your pantry.
    Enjoy Thor!

  7. A year for a sweater would be fast for me.
    Those socks are going to be really fun.
    How frustrating about your pantry. And such a Lon wait!

  8. You've got so much going on! Having doggy duty while your husband and his brother are visiting their mom will be fun. Maybe the dog will be interested in an adventure.

    Love the colors in your socks, they will be so fun to see poking out of the tops of your shoes. The cardigan is looking great too!

  9. Ya for you making your own RCR socks!


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