Sunday, May 16, 2021



Another week has flown past.  No finishes this week and no new cast ons.  Can you believe it?


Same socks.

They saw the most love this past week.  Probably because they are a simple knit and I don't need to think.

Same shawl.

Only about 8 rows added to it.  I do have a deadline for this which is the end of June.  It is quite doable as long as I work a bit each day on it.  I only have 63 more rows to do before bind off.  Yup, totally doable.

No cross stitch got worked on this week.  My RA in my left hand has been a bit troublesome this past week.  That makes it a bit difficult to work any of my projects which might be the reason no much got done this week.  (I am left handed, remember?) Bummer.

Oh, I lied.  I do have a finish this week.

I did this puzzle!  When the hand hurt, this is the perfect thing to do.  It took just under week to complete this one.  It was 1000 pieces but because of the colors and textures, it really wasn't too hard.


I got one treasure in the mail this week.  My Silk & Sonder journal/planner for June.

  Excitement is too 'calm' of a word to describe how I feel about this treasure.  Each month a new journal/planner is sent out with a different 'theme' to it.  June's is all about play.  Inside there is so much 'stuff' to do, contemplate, create, track, inspire, and plan.  It is amazing!

This is just one of the weekly pages in the book.  It is not even the page where you put in your 'to do' list or journal about your day.  This was my birthday present to myself.  If you want to learn more go to Silk&Sonder.  No, I do not receive any compensation for advertising for them.  I just think this is a fantastic product and will help me with some areas of my life I need a bit of guidance in.   


Swimming season is just about ready to happen here.  Our pool is just now getting to 80F.  Unfortunately, we have a bit of a cool down this week which will drop it again.  Once that cool down is over, it should heat back up quickly and I will be venturing into it for some much needed water aerobics.  

Like I said earlier, I ended up with some major RA issues with my left hand this week.  It still has not settled down completely.  The pain and swelling is manageable with the help of my 'emergency' meds I take when this happens.  It may sound like I am complaining but believe me I am not.  I have had this disease for 40 years and am blessed that I am still able live a pretty normal life.  

Last night, I made out our menus for the next 10 days and even got a grocery list together.  Hubby has a zoom church meeting this morning and I will head to the grocery store while he is doing that.  That will give me the rest of the day to enjoy some crafting time and listen to my audio book while hubby watches golf.

Hubby and I are trying to decide what to do about our TV cable.  The bill has gotten so high lately.  We have looked into streaming services and found FuboTV and have even given it a trial for a week.  It has all the channels we watch plus a few that we will probably start watching.  We can get the streaming service through our cell phone company for a fairly reasonable price.  Actually for about 1/3 of what we are paying for cable.  But...............yes, there is always a but.  We would need to change our email address to a gmail account.  I know this doesn't seem like a huge deal to most folks.  Yet, we have had this email address since 1988!  Do you realize how many businesses we will need to contact to get that all changed over?  All of our monthly bills, church communication, warranty info, blog communication,  etc. come to our email addresses.  My head hurts just thinking about trying to get everything switched over smoothly.  Hmmmmm.....maybe this will be my goal for today.  To set up a gmail account and start getting my emails switched over to it.

Looks like a pretty normal week coming up.  YIPEE!  I am ready for one of those.

Until Next Time.......................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the link to Silk & Sonder. It's an ongoing discussion with my group of local knitters about what journals/planners work for us versus ones that don't. I love the idea of getting a monthly "present". I think I'm "too" digital for a paper planner. I must have at least 4 notebooks in my knitting area because I can never find where I left my paper. My phone and even me Kindle fit into my purse (barely) so I'm more likely to have a digital planner nearby. Still loving your shawl and cute socks.

  2. Lovely craft projects and thanks for the journal link. I'm always on the hunt for a good planner, the one you got is worth looking at!

    Hope the RA issues is relieved soon.

  3. The monthly journal looks beautiful a pleasure to write in. I love the colour of the socks and love two at a time - seem to take ages but then suddenly you have a pair!

  4. I'm guessing your email is tied to your cable provider? If so: WHAT A HASSLE having to make all those changes.

    Hope your flare calms down! Even if you aren't complaining, it CAN'T be pleasant.

  5. Can you not just create a gmail account and use that for this service? We have an e-mail account we've had for years, but I also have a gmail account I use for other purposes (mostly signing up for things I don't want our regular e-mail flooded with).

    A monthly journal sounds like a great idea - and what a pretty journal that is. And those blue socks are gorgeous! I hope the RA settles down soon!

  6. Funny thing about planners. People are as specific about them as women are in choosing a purse. When I worked I had a number of planners and I did use them. Now being retired I have reverted back to the simplest of methods. I have a wall calendar for appointments and such ... and a 3x5 card for my daily list of things to do. It works for me with the exception of exercise tracking. I am still trying to find a simple way of tracking that. Your planner, however, sure is beautiful to look at. It will be fun, I am sure, to get it set up for June.

  7. lovely new journal! I could buy a new one every month... If you write a list of all the businesses then do some each day you will get it done. It's a pain but it is doable. We do not have cable or dish/directtv. We stream Netflix Amazon Prime and get the local channels with an tv antenna. We have plenty to watch. Oh we also have Disney + and Hulu.

  8. I had to laugh at your almost ready pool at 80 degrees. I think when the ocean gets to 66 it is perfect, but I have been know to swim comfortably when it is 62.
    Sorry about your RA - but yeah for your puzzle. It makes me very hungry looking at it though.
    The journal sounds so cools. we dropped our cable to basic basic quite a while ago and stream britbox and netflix instead and of course we get amazon prime. So many decisions, but it is good to look at ways to cut costs as we get older and our pensions don't keep up with inflation. Hope your RA settles soon. I imagine the warm (hot) weather will help.

  9. I have a love/hate relationship with journals. I'm unmotivated to continue my schedule one. The sewing one is totally safe.

  10. Is your email provided by your cable provider? Are you sure if you cancel your cable that the email account will also go? I hope your current RA flare calms down.


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