Sunday, May 2, 2021



Hello again.  I am back home and it feels great to be sleeping in my own bed again.  The only item I have worked on all week is my Mehujaa Shawl.

Can you see the gray starting to creep in?  By the time the shawl is completed, it will be black.  I love the soft color changing gradient of this yarn.  There are 19 pattern rounds completed.  A total of 36 rounds need to be done before moving on to the edging.  Each pattern round increases12 stitches and is compromised of 6 rows.  I am just past the halfway point and am still in love with this.

Let me rephrase that last sentence.  Today, I am in love with this.  Friday night, I was a bit miffed with the whole thing when I noticed I had dropped 4 stitches in the middle of the lace section.  I ended up tinking back 8 rows to be able to get the stitch count correct again.  I spent the rest of Friday evening and most of Saturday morning reknitting those rows.  Saturday evening, I was on a roll.  No more mistakes and I was able to complete 4 pattern rounds while watching movies with the husband.

That is all the crafting news.  In other news.................................

I returned home on Tuesday afternoon and spent the rest of the week dog sitting and teen chauffeuring.  I will get the honor of doing that again for the first 3 days of this coming week.

 Thor loves to go for rides in the car.  He especially likes going to pick up 'his girl' from High School.  He watches each kid as they come by.  It amazes me how quickly he can spot his girl in the crowd.  He gets so excited the minute he sees her.  He jumps into the back seat so she can get in the car and then loves all over her.

When I went over on Tuesday afternoon to check on Thor, I was very surprised by what I saw.

These used to be incense sticks.  They were laying all over the house.  He has never damaged anything before.

I found this box of incense outside.  It was not damaged but I have a feeling it would have been if I had not shown up when I did.

He also pulled out the box with his harness and leash in it.  My husband had taken the teen to school that morning and I think Thor was a bit put out that he did not get to go with them.  This was a whole new thing for him to do.  Poor buddy.  He is just used to his master working from home all day and going for a ride twice a day.  When the master is out of town on business, it messes him up.

Today, I will be doing a couple loads of laundry.  I was able to make menus and grocery shop on Friday so that is out of the way.  There are audio books to listen to while crafting and exercising today.  I see two dogs getting their baths and pedicure today too.  Yup, another fun filled Sunday at mi casa.

Until Next Time........................................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS:  I have been notified by blogger, that after July 2021, the email notification will no longer be available.  So if you have signed up for emails notifying you of my blog postings, it will no longer happen after July.  Check out  It is where you can add all the URL's of blogs you read on a regular basis.  I have been using it for years and love it.  


  1. Your Mehujaa Shawl is gorgeous!! Love using a gradient yarn. What yarn are you using? Poor puppy but I love his taste in scents. Welcome home and getting the help out the other family. :)

  2. Your shawl looks lovely, I'm glad you got it sorted. I'm glad you got back OK.

  3. That is really a subtle shift in color - I almost missed it. The shawl will be gorgeous when finished. Fun reading about Thor. Even if he has been having some "issues". I can only imagine how hard it would be for him to go from having someone home all day, to not.

  4. thanks for the tip about the change in blogger email subscriptions. I didn't know what to tell my subscribers so I will have them check out bloglovin. Glad you are home safe and sound, sorry about the incense sticks - I wonder what Thor thought of the taste? Your shawl looks great and I can't wait to see it fade to black.

  5. I’m glad you got home okay. Our dog suffers from separation anxiety and we never leave her unaccompanied. When we rescued her the vet asked if she chewed stones as her teeth were worn down so much, we’ve never seen her do this in the 4 years and another vet suggested she probably used to chew her previous owners furniture if left alone. I hope Thor manages to find something less destructive to entertain himself when he’s at home alone.

  6. I love gradients so ver much! I can see it.

  7. You are good to be able to watch t.v. and knit. I can knit if it is just plain knitting but nothing else. I usually crochet when watching t.v. The shawl is so pretty and that is going to be awesome to go from white to black.
    Poor Thor! He's such a sweety but they do get bored by themselves all day. I watched a you tube video of a Rottweiler that they put a GoPro camera on while they left the was funny as they put captions on it all the way through. Glad Thor is alright.

  8. The gradient of your shawl is AMAZING.

    Getting home and sleeping in your own bed really is the best feeling! No matter where you go, or how comfortable the bed, your bed is always best. I'm glad you had a safe/good trip.

    Pets do really get into routines, having his human absent must be really stressful. Apparently separation anxiety in dogs is fairly common. Not very helpful, I'm sorry.

  9. You go on that lace. I loved reading about Thor; what a smart and fun dog he is.


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