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Monday, May 17, 2021



 It has been forever since I have posted more than once a week.  Well maybe not forever but it seems like it to me.

I woke up this morning full of energy and my RA was barely noticeable.  Why is it I always seem to have so much energy on Monday's?  I am not complaining.  I just wish I would have this much energy the rest of the week.

Anyway, I decided to take advantage of this feeling and get some stuff done.  First thing on my list was to make a loaf of bread.  

This is not sourdough.  It is my normal bread I make with 'stale' beer.  The sourdough starter I had on the kitchen counter got thrown out yesterday.  For some reason, we got a bottle of RO water that tasted like motor oil.  I used some of it to feed my starter.  YUCK!  But no worries.  I have plenty of discard in the fridge that I can take out and start feeding and it will become a very active starter for me.  In all honesty, sourdough takes quite a bit of time and patience.  Hence the reason, mine is in the fridge.  Hubby and I actually love my normal bread I make so it's all good.  I am sure I will get back into a sourdough mood in the near future.  But for tight now, I just want simple bread that doesn't take 12-24 hours to get ready for the oven.

While the bread was rising and baking I managed to empty the dishwasher, do two loads of laundry, clean veggies and work on my S&S journal.  It is now time for me to kick back and pick up the knitting needles or my cross stitch and do a little crafting.  

I have also been busy getting my emails switched over to my new address.  My old email is linked to our cable company.  Since we want to disconnect from them I am working hard on getting everything switched over within the next 30 days.  Today, I spent a goodly amount of time unsubscribing from several companies that keep sending me mail I never open.  Seem if you purchase once from some of these companies, you are on their email list FOREVER!

How is your Monday treating you?

Until next time................................................


  1. Good; finally finished the dishes after our later-than-normal OMAD. Our house smells so good from the leg of lamb. I was planning to sew now but I'm tired. I may try to knit some and then read my mystery. I use Gmail which filters out SPAM well. I've done that, unsubscribing from companies I don't buy from. We got rid of cable long ago as it got ridiculously expensive. We use Roku, Netflix, and Prime. The husband has also subscribed to HBO and Disney+. He watches movies the most out of all of us.

  2. Your beautiful loaf of bread reminds me... I made a small loaf of bread today in my bread machine. It's the second loaf in a row that's gone flat. It tasted good, but it looked disappointing. I'm beginning to wonder if my yeast has finally expired.

  3. I unsubscribe a lot too. It is a constant process. Some say it takes many days for your ‘unsubscribe request’ to be honored, which is just their way of keeping you a bit longer. Other email get stopped immediately, but in a few months may pop up again without an invite from you. Sometimes, if I really really don’t want to see an uninvited email again, I mark it as spam!

  4. I've been unsubscribing as much as possible when I can. I also retired a very old email and had some straggling companies I had to switch. Isn't it amazing that some are so easy to do and others make it painful.

  5. Oh, I went to fiber 2 years ago and had to change my email. It is terrible! Some still won't let me change it. Your Pullman loafs always looks so good! I'm just the opposite; I have little energy or get little done it seems on Monday but then I ramp up for the rest of the week...hopefully!


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