Sunday, August 18, 2019


This post is being done in record time.  Normally we go to Mass on Saturday evening.  Unfortunately we were unable to go last night as we were see off our BFF's son to the military.  I have about 30 minutes before I need to get ready for Mass.  Let's see if I can complete this update in that amount of time.  Ready................Set.......................GO!!!!!

There is a new project happening in my fiber world.

I have started crocheting Victorian Lace pattern squares.  After plugging along on my knitting projects, I felt like I was not making any progress and felt my mojo slipping away.  My cure for that is to find something that can be completed rapidly.

There are 10 completed squares so far.  Now that I have the pattern memorized, it takes about an hour to complete a square, including weaving in the ends.  My list originally stated I wanted to do the Polly Plum squares but.....................they are so intricate and involved.  These squares I can do while watching TV at night with the hubby.

The RCR socks were also worked on a bit this week.

Guess which one got more love.  LOL  The top one has 2.5 more inches before the beginning of the toe.   It is getting there, slowly but surely.  

That is all on the crafting front.  Not too much on the life area either.  Baked 2 loaves of bread last Sunday and they turned out fantastic!   The backyard has all it's yard art back in place.  There has been several days of water aerobics in my pool.  We have brand new bath towels in our house and the old nasty ones have been bagged up for donations.  We found the new THIRSTY towels at Costco for $6 each!  What a deal that was.  Got all my baking supplies stored in air tight containers and labeled.  Played Trivia on Wednesday night again but did not win.  Had a Holy Day of Obligation on Thursday so went to Mass that morning.  Had a potluck dinner Friday night with a lovely group of people from our church.  And then of course had the dinner last night to send off a soldier to his training camp.

Today we are heading to Mass shortly.  I plan on baking some more bread today as well as doing some laundry that has been neglected all week.  We are going to be lazy and have homemade pizza for dinner tonight.  We found cauliflower crust pizza kits at Coscto.  I will add some pepperoni and extra cheese and put them on the grill to cook.  Ta Da.......dinner all done.

Hope your day is splendid.

Until Next Time......................Happy Crafting!!!!!

WOOHOO..........done with 7 minutes to spare!


Becki said...

Oooh, Marsha... All those colorful squares are going to make a beautiful blanket when you're finished. Or, at least that's what I assume you'll be joining them into. Very pretty. It sounds like you've had a perfectly lovely week.

Breathing Life said...

Love the squares and your colour scheme. It is great to have a project that can be done in the time it takes to watch an episode of something! Fresh baked bread sounds heavenly.

HighlandHeffalump said...

Your 10 squares are lovely shades and the pattern is nice. Can these squares be joined to make a poncho or a sleeveless jacket. I keep being tempted to start crocheting again by what I see but don’t need a blanket and it’s too intimidating size wise. Anyway Sounds like you had a lovely week and I wish I lived nearby to sample some homemade bread. Mmmm love fresh bread.

Sharon said...

Love your squares. The piza sound yummy!

Stefanie said...

I love how you can do water aerobics in your pool. And mmmm...home baked bread; what a winner.

JustMagicMaria said...

Such pretty squares! You're fast at them too. Love those roll city rollers, they look super comfy.

Sam I Am...... said...

You are Speedy Gonzales! I love the blanket squares! You know how bad I am about blankets...they are so tempting but so big! Love the socks per usual and congrats on the bread!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Those squares will make a lovely blanket/throw....I have done my socks two at a time and yes. one always gets more loving

Retired Knitter said...

Love the Victorian Lace Squares. Think I will see if I can find it on Ravelry.

Rain said...

Seven minutes to spare! Good job!!! :) I know what you mean about having something you can do quickly to regain that mojo! The squares look great!