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Monday, August 12, 2019


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Once again it is time for me to answer some questions that have been posed the last couple of weeks.  Here we go!

What type of yarn do you use? Wool or cotton or acrylic? (Sam)
This question was concerning the yarn I use for my socks.  I use Diversity Yarn by Plymouth Yarn Co.  It is 93% acrylic, 7% polyester (Elasthane).  It wears so well.  I have yet to mend any sock I have made with it.  Yet all the wool socks I have made for hubby have already needed repair.  

What to look for in a no show no slip sock?!? (Becki)
If you are not a sock knitter (which at this point you said you are not), There are some great no show no slip socks on Amazon.  Here is the link. Hubby and I have them and they are truly no show no slip.  Very light weight too.

don't tomatoes and peppers need pollinators? (Sam)
I had to do a google search on this.  You are able to grow both plants indoors without any pollinators (bees).  Although they said you need to look for specific tomato plants that are happy being indoors and their fruit will probably not be as big as if they were outside.

what an Arizona Room is (Liz)
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It is also know as a sun room.  Ours looked a lot like this.  We had 24 feet of glass doors like this photo.  It would get beastly hot in the summertime and made my kitchen and dining room unbearable to be in since they opened up into that room.  So a few  years ago, we removed all the glass door and enclosed it with dry wall and put in french door and a window.  It has dropped the temperature in that room about 20 degree F.  

will you share as you make the cooler into a garden? (Becki)
Of course I will.  Still researching what would be best to grow in there.  The nice thing is, I can plant anything I want at anytime since it is in a temperature controlled environment.

That is it for Q&A.  Thanks so much for your interest.  It is now time for me to go and take a little dip in the pool.  Hubby and I have been worker bees for the past 3 hours and I need a little refreshing break.

Until next time........................happy crafting!


  1. Oh wow! I had no idea that socks like you linked to even existed, but I was hoping you were going to show me something I didn't know. Clearly, I haven't looked very hard for no slip/no show socks or I would surely have seen some with silicone around the edges. I just ordered a package of the ones you linked to. I can't wait to give them a try! I love wearing sneakers with no-show socks in the summer, but they always slip down into the shoes. Ugh. And these look stylish enough to tote along in my purse when visiting friends who like to kick off their shoes indoors. I prefer wearing shoes indoors for the support, but gee... if my feet can at least look cute, I might be able to tolerate the lack of support going shoeless would mean. I sure hope I get the cute socks pictured. :)

  2. OMG! that is wonderful about the tomatoes and peppers....thank you so much! I had no idea!
    Also, I love the link to the socks and the yarn! I want to make socks for the grands and there is no way they will take care of wool socks. Thank you so much! I was working outside but I don't have a pool so I'll just hop in the tub! LOL!

  3. Thanks Marsha, that is some temperature difference following the changes you made. My sister’s living room is a big conservatory that opens into the kitchen with no door and no fan or air con and when I was down both rooms were so hot sweat was dripping down my forehead. And that’s just south England not Arizona.

  4. some of the skeins that you knit with I have seen in the knit shop and knew of the content. It's good to know why you like it. I've had luck with 75 wool/25 nylon for me but my husband is really hard on socks!!

  5. So nice to know more about you Marsha! Here's a dilly of a question...how much work do you put into pool maintenance? Alex and I are considering a pool for our future, I just want to know every detail! :)

  6. Learned somethin new how a sun room can also be called an Arizona room.

  7. Good tip on the yarn. Sounds like you can enjoy your room more now. I do love lots of windows, but sometimes it's not practical. Here in Ohio, they let a lot of cold in the winter in and can be hard to insulate.


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