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Sunday, February 10, 2019


Howdy one and all.  Another week has gone by.  Knitting and crocheting have been happening at Casa de Noce.  Hubby has made sure I have had plenty of time to craft this week to help ease my emotions.  It has helped so much.  Even though I am still sad with the passing of my brother, I can now talk about him without bursting into tears each time.  

Want to see what I have done this week?  Of course you do or you wouldn't be here.

The socks!  Oh how I love working with self striping yarn.  Also, I love the Fish Kiss Lips heel.  You can see where I was last Tuesday when I posted my update.  I have managed to work quite a bit on these lovelies the past 4 days.  As you can see, orange was the next new color to appear on the socks.  There is still one more new color to appear.  Fingers crossed it will show up before the end of the sock.  Since I wear sandals year round, I am not worried about the last color being hidden by shoes.  Any guesses as to the last color?

There is another project trying to be completed quickly.  It is the Simple Home Basket by Moogly.  So far I have completed the lining of the basket.

The outer part of the basket is over half done.

I have 8 more rows to do on the outer part and then edging and attaching them to each other.  This is a gift for my Daughter in Law.  Her birthday was over a week ago but, with all the traveling going on, I was gone on her bday.  I hope she likes the basket.  I think it will serve her well as she also is a crafter and this could hold so many things for her while working on her projects.  The only issue I have with this project is the yarn it uses.

It is a SUPER bulky chenille.  So it does not have any give to it and it is very hard on my hands.  I knew it would be difficult when I decided to do it so have just been taking breaks every hour to rest my hands.  I am hoping to complete it today and get it to her ASAP.

I have been perusing shawl patterns today.  There is a very expensive skein of yarn, in my stash, I do not know what to do with.  I decided to turn it into a shawl and even found a shawl I love!  When looking at the projects done with the pattern, I discovered someone that used that same yarn to make said shawl.  I am so excited!  Finally I will get that yarn used and it will be something I will wear too.  Stay tuned for the update on that.

I started another shawl for the prayer shawl ministry.  There are no photos as I like to wait until it is completed to show it.  I will say this..........it is not in a color I am fond of.  It is in two different shades of green.  I have never been a huge green fan but know there are many out there that love the color.  So, why should I not make something that others will love?  It is another To the Point shawl.  (of course)  It should be completed by the end of the week, so there will be photos next week of it.

As far as normal daily life.............we have been keeping ourselves occupied.  We sat down this week and planned what we are going to do next to the house.  Hubby has agreed to work on the declutter with me and we are going to try and get all decluttering done in the next few weeks.  We are mainly concerned with our 'backroom' that we enclosed a couple of years ago.  It is where we kind of just 'throw' stuff we have no where else to put it.  It is also where all our tools are since we no longer can keep them in our shed.  (The shed has been broken into several times so it is basically used for Christmas storage now)  Once all the decluttering is complete, we will hire our handyman friend to come and get the flooring laid in there as well as in our 2 bathrooms.  That will pretty much take care of all the remodel of the house.  It all just takes time, elbow grease and $$$.  The time and elbow grease we have at the ready...............the $$$ takes a bit of time to build up LOL.  Tomorrow we start, per the hubby.  

For the rest of today I am going to work on the basket and hope to complete it.  I am also waiting to hear from my daughter in law to tell me to come over.  She is going to shave my undercut for me as it is kind of hard for me to do the back myself.  In turn, I will shave hers too.  It is so nice to have someone to do it without having to spend the $$$ to go to the salon for a 5 minute touch up.  The only reason I go to the salon now is to have to 'outside' of my hair trimmed up as it grows out more and more. 
11.Trendy Long Pixie Hairstyle

This is pretty much what my hair is like now and I will probably not let it get much longer than this.  Super easy to take care of too.

Tonight, there will be a fun dinner of hot wings and sweet potato fries.  All done in my air fryer!  Gotta love Pinterest............I get so many recipes from there for the air fryer.  Not to mention ideas for home decor, yarn crafts, baking etc.  It is a dangerous place and a great time sucker too.  LOL  

Hubby is away this morning teaching RCIA at church so I am going to take this quiet time to work on the basket while watching a chic flic on Hallmark.  They have all their Valentine day movies going on now.  

Until next time.................Happy Crafting!!!!!


  1. I had my eye on that Moogly basket too to use up a couple skeins of Bernat Blanket that's been in my stash for a while. Thanks for the warning about it being hard to work with. Your socks are coming out super cute!

  2. The basket will be a great and useful present. I guess blue as the next colour on the socks, so look forward to seeing your next post about them. Isn’t it great when you find a pattern and someone else has done one with same yarn, that always makes me much more excited too.

  3. The basket looks so useful and I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated. The socks are perfect, love that you will be able to see all of them!

  4. Those socks are working out perfectly. I love the colors. Since you said there will be another color, I'll guess the toes will be blue? Naw... red. Can't wait to see.

    That's good to know that chenille yarn is hard to crochet with. I wouldn't have thought that - at all! I've admired many things made with it. It does seem like a perfect kind of yarn to make a basket with.

  5. I am so sorry about your brother! The last time I knew he was in the hospital. I had no idea and then I was missing some blog reading. You have been through a lot the past year. Glad you have your knitting to relax you.
    Your socks are so cool! What yarn is that and where can I get some? LOL! I have no idea what the next color would be....red? How fun to knit them too.
    I love the haircut....if I ever cut mine that would be the way! Peace to you, Marsha and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Looking forward to seeing the finished basket.

  7. I love how you have an undercut! I miss mine. It's hard to have one with the style of hair I have now - layered, A-line bob. I'm trying to grow out the front to my collarbone and the back to the end of my neck. I want layers to have a shag haircut and I still love my baby/micro bangs.
    Your socks look great. You are really zippin along on those.

  8. Love the socks - I am a fan of the fishlips kiss heel. The basket will be so useful, and I love the haircut.
    I am sorry to hear about your brother. I haven't been keeping up on reading everyone's posts lately - my love and hug to you as you carry on.

  9. Love self-stripe yarn!!! I like the FLK, but still really like a heel flap, so I alternate now....you sound so busy! We are still working on cleaning out the Homestead, but we are slowly moving our stuff over...we bring stuff every other day or so....


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