Friday, February 15, 2019

Happy Fri-Yay

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Hello my dear readers.  Are you happy it is Friday?  It is amazing, even though I have been retired for over 2 years, I still love when Friday comes around.  Probably because I do not do many 'chores' on the weekend.  I really try to do most household things during the week so we can be free to spend time with our working friends and family.

How is your weather?  I hope you are all staying warm and as dry as possible.  We got rain all day yesterday and should be getting more on Monday.  This last storm played heck with my RA!  I was down for 2 days because of the barometer going nuts.  Today, I finally feel like myself again and am moving much better.  So, I am going to celebrate by having pizza and a beer for dinner tonight!  Yay me!

I cooked for Valentine's Day, even though I was not feeling up to being on my feet for any length of time.  There were pork chops smothered in cream of mushroom soup and also air fried garlic Parmesan asparagus.  So very yummy.  Hubby was very please too.  Do you cook something special for Valentine's Day or do you go out to eat?

This morning I finally was able to get out of bed early enough to go and have a fasting blood draw done.  This was supposed to have happened 2 weeks ago but, with traveling and then feeling like crap............well, it is now done.  Do you put off medical things just 'because"?

For the rest of the day, I am going to crochet on the prayer shawl I started last week.  There is also 1 sock left to complete, so that will get a bit of love too.  I started another shawl for ME, but have not worked on it since last Sunday.  Once the second sock is completed, I will pick it up again and give it a lot of love.  What are you working on?

Now, I do have a serious question.  Do any of your have a die cut machine?  Like a Cricut or Silhouette or Brother?  If so, what do you do with it.  Do you use it often?  I received an Cricut Mini several years ago for a gift.  I finally hooked it up last year only to find out it is no longer supported on the internet.  It has very limited capabilities.  I was hoping to make greeting cards with it but making cut outs to paste onto card stock.  Researching all the different die cut  machines is quite time consuming and who better to ask, then my crafting friends.

Looking at my calendar, I see we have a 3 day weekend here in the US.  It also looks like there is something going on everyday next week.  Fingers crossed my RA stays in control for the next 7 days.  There is too much going on to be laid up again for 2 days.  Do you keep track of your schedule using a calendar, bullet journal or electronic device?  I use all three.  That way I never miss an appointment...........well hardly ever.

OK, I am off to do some other computer stuff.  I am actually on the main PC today.  Hubby was away from it and I just plopped down and took it over. LOL  I normally use my laptop to write my blog.

Until next time........................happy crafting!


  1. Typically we would eat in, and then maybe have a special night out on the wkend of the holiday; but as we've both been ill.......we just ate and I plan to order in for tonight, as I don't feel like cooking. I'm better, but neither of us are close to well. Pizza is our Friday night tradition. We've done that for years and if we don't get our pizza on Friday night, we're confused by the day of the week, lol.

  2. I have yet to do down the rabbit hole of die cutting but I need to start soon. I have a Cricut Cuttlebug I think, the purse-looking one. I got it two Christmases ago and haven't used it for my cardmaking. I'm sorry your RA affected you greatly during your rainy weather. I'm glad you're feeling better now. The pork chops sound good. We are taking a break from them since a Costco pack numbered many and we had at least three nights of them.


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