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Thursday, September 1, 2016

What Happened?

What happened to my life?  Seriously.   It seems to be running away from me and I am having a horrible time catching up.  So much has been happening in the past few months.  Things I have no control over. 

When I retired, I had been informed I would be busier than if I continued to work 40 hours a week.  I thought these people were nuts.  Dang it........they were right.

Let me just tell you what's going on.

One of my dear friends was diagnosised with Lung cancer a couple of months ago.  She has a fantastic Dr and has been receiving radiation treatments for it.  She is not a surgical candidate because of other health issues.  She had finishe her treatments and the lesion had shrunk.  Yippee! Then she ends up in the hospital with what everyone thoight was a stroke.  Nope, her cancer has metastasized to her brain.  More radiation treatments are started immediately.  Her hair fell out this week,  she is now wearing a wig (and it looks fantastic).  She knows she is incurable and has pretty much made her peace about that.  Her family......not so much.......me.......it hurts to think of life without her.  But, she is here now and I am trying to spend more time with her to make lasting memories.

My BFF fell last week and has a messed up ligament in her right leg.  She can not drive so I have been taking her to and from work and to her physical therapy appointments.  Hubby picks her up twice a week, from work.  Hopefully she will be out of her boot in about 10 more days.  She hates depending on others for help.

I got hooked on a time sucking computer game this year.  Last week I informed my fellow players I was leaving the game.  It takes at least 2 hours a day to complete the daily work on  the game. I was becoming obsessed with the game.  Since I started playing the game, I have gained weight.........more than is healthy.  The time I spent on the game will be used for going to the gym.   So I did take control of that part of my life.

I still go to see my mom twice a week for 2-3 hours.  That, I do not mind doing.  She is stuck in her group home and can not get out to visit others.  After all she did for me during my life, I owe her more than I will ever be able to repay.

We leave next week for a little get away.  I need it to recharge my batteries.  I need to take contol of my life again.  I need to learn to say NO.  I need to sort priorities.  I may have to hurt feelings a time or two.  So be it.  I need some ME time and right now, I am not getting any.  My social calendar from now until the first week of December is jammed packed.

I have bought airline tickets for a trip to Dallas to see my other Grands.  I am going by myself and the kiddos are in school and the parents work so........sounds like a dream come true.   Some truly alone time,

Ok, I'm done venting. Thank goodness for this blog.  A place to air my i ner most thoughts.  It doesn't even matter if anyone reads this.  I am just happy to spew it out.

Now to go back to my knitting

Until next time..........Happy Crafting


  1. So true! I have no idea how I ever worked and raised a family. I have a full time job right here at home! If I get 3 major things a day done on top of daily maintenance I consider it a good day. Plus, I'm getting slower so everything takes longer.
    So sorry about your friends but at our age it is to be expected. We're all going to leave this planet some day, some how...I just hate to see anyone suffer.
    So, what was the game that you got addicted to? I could use a diversion! LOL! I have no social life.

  2. Lots and lots of hugs coming your way!!!


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