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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 10

Happy Sunday everyone.  It is once again time to update my blog and my crafting info.

I had a finished item this week.

The men's prayer shawl is completed and delivered to the prayer shawl ministry at my parish.  I should probably start another one since I seem to have a ton of worsted weight yarn in colors suitable for a man.  Most of the colors are variegated  browns.  They remind me of fall and I now know it takes almost a pound of yarn to make this large enough for a gentleman.  It can be used over his shoulders or on his lap.  It ended up being around 5.5 feet long and about 3.5 feet wide.

I am now working on Azel number 1.  There really isn't that much more to show on it than the last time I pictured it on here.  I still have about 7 inches left to do on the back and then I can start the neck.  The bulky yarn is making this go quite fast.

I also worked a tiny bit on the pedicure sock and am now off the rib and onto the leg.  That is my take along project.  I have been taking my BFF to her physical therapy appointments and that fits so nicely in my purse....................so it goes everywhere with me.

Hubby and I are taking a little vacation this coming weekend.  I really need this vacation.  It has been a bit stressful around here and if you read my mid week post you know why.  I will take the Azel to work on in the car and also will take the pedicure sock to take with me for my short little trips we will be doing during the day.

The game I told you about, ya know, the time sucking one, is officially going to be closed as of this coming Friday.  It may close earlier than that, as most of my stock is sold out and I really don't see a huge reason to continue once the store is empty.  I have met some really wonderful people while playing the game though.  Many of them have befriended me on facebook and several others asked for my blog address.  So for those of you who are from Fashion Story.................welcome!

This weekend is Labor Day.  Today, my son and his family will be coming over to swim and have dinner with us.  Tomorrow my BFF and her hubby are coming over for dinner and a swim.  It won't be long before the pool is too chilly to get into anymore.  Once the night time temps go below 80, that water cools off quickly.  It has been below 80 all week, so we are hoping we can get another week or two out of it yet.

I am looking forward to some milder temperatures.  By September, I am pretty well tired of the 105F and above temps.  This coming week, we are not even suppose to hit 100F which will be a welcomed change.  BUT...................yes, there is always a but................We will still be in the 90's with rain which makes is horribly sticky and yucky outside.  So, you will see me inside with needles or hooks in my hands, crafting away.

After we return from our little vacation, I will be heading back to the gym.  Now that the time sucking game is completed, I will have the time in the morning to head out, exercise, come home, shower, do some housework or run errand, and then go and see my mom or transport my BFF to any appointments she may have.  My BFF is hoping to have her boot off soon, but I am kind of thinking it could be another week or two before she can drive again.  I really don't mind taking her to work and appointments, it gives us time to talk without interruptions, which is so nice.  

Oh!!!!!!  I got my new camera.  I am so excited.  Now, I just need a degree from MIT to learn how to use it.  One of my lovely blogging buddies suggested doing Utube videos.  I think, that is what I will do.  I have played around with it for the past two days and love the photos I am getting with it.  I really want to explore more of it's features and what it will do especially since I have lots of lenses for it too.  Hubby said he will help me with some of it.  He use to do photography for the police department he worked for, at crime scenes.  (They didn't have a CSI unit when we were first married, so the officers had to do forensics AND solve the crime).  So that will give us a bit of a hobby to do together.  I keep offering to teach him to knit or crochet, but he just doesn't seem all that thrilled with that idea.  LOL

My brother is coming into town, this month, to visit our mom.  Normally he only comes once a year, so this will be so nice for her to see him again this year.  It won't be a long stay, but everyday she gets to see him is a bonus.

I had better get off of here and get the steaks marinated for dinner tonight.  There will be a  nice salad to go with it too.  Not to mention cupcakes that are going to be baked for dessert.  YUM!

Until next time......................Happy Crafting


  1. Your prayer shawl and azel are lovely. I hope you have a lovely get away and spend quality time with yourself and the grands. You must think of yourself for a bit and get back some balance.

  2. Your prayer shawl and azel are lovely. I hope you have a lovely get away and spend quality time with yourself and the grands. You must think of yourself for a bit and get back some balance.

  3. Pretty blue yarns for both of your projects. I know someone will enjoy the prayer shawl. I hope you have a great time with your family. I am enjoying the cooler weather too but also want to take advantage of those last few sun rays before we get into the long dark winter here in Alaska.

  4. The prayer shawl is an interesting pattern, and just right for a man. Azel is looking good too, and will be lovely when finished, nice colour too.
    Great that you get to have a vacation this weekend. We all need a break now and then, to relax our minds and refresh our batteries.
    Enjoy your family and friends.

  5. The men's prayer shawl is so nice. That pattern will look great in variegated yarns. I hope you have a nice holiday.

  6. The prayer shawl looks nice - it's so good that it can be used for a shawl or a small blanket. And I'm so glad you've gotten your new camera and you're enjoying learning how to use it. Enjoy your trip and the time to recharge. I read your mid-week post and you sure do have a full plate. You do a lot for others. Take care of yourself, too! Travel safe and take a lot of pictures! ;^)

  7. The prayer shawl is lovely and the azel is too. Have fun on your weekend trip and play with your camera. Take care.

  8. The prayer shawl is lovely and the azel is too. Have fun on your weekend trip and play with your camera. Take care.

  9. You have done a fantastic job of the prayer shawl, well done x The Azel project is coming along nicely too. Looking forward to seeing all your work in your new venture, photography, a whole new world to explore :)

  10. Lovely shawl and much appreciated I'm sure. The Azel is so pretty and I love that pattern but I have grand boys so there you go. I will enjoy seeing your girly items. Enjoy your vacation and it can't cool off soon enough for me! LOL@

  11. the prayer shawl is so so magnificent. How lovely


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