Sunday, November 22, 2015

Moving right along

What a week I have had.  It was very productive but not because I planned it that way.  I was forced to lay low until Thursday last week.  I had some teeth extracted on Monday and was not allowed to do much of anything for the first 3 days post operative.  So what is a crafter to do?


I was able to complete a few items and make some good headway on others.  Of course, I do have pictures for you.  But please excuse the cruddy photography.  I used my cell phone and was kind of in a hurry to take the photos before people came in and saw their gifts all laid out.

These are the man socks I have been complaining about for the past month and a half.  This person has large feet and it takes a 100 gram skein of sock yarn for each sock.  It also takes me forever to complete one.  I still have about 2.5 inches to go before starting the toe on sock number 2.  I will be glad when they are off the needles.  Don't think I will be making this person another pair anytime soon.

The American Flag..............this baby is six feet long and already 3 feet wide.  I have 4 more stripes to put on it and then sew all 50 of the little stars on the blue.  It is a pretty quick crochet but once again it has been in the 80's the past few days so this is on the back burner again until it cools down a bit.

Mermaid lapghan.  This was a really fun crochet and the girl it is for is going to love it.  I still need to attach the tail but other than that, it is completed.

Snoqualmie falls socks.  This has got to be one of the quickest knits I have done on a sock.  I think it is because each row is so different.  I truly loved this pattern and will be doing more of this one.

The only other gifts I have to complete for Christmas will be done on the sewing machine.  I have all the material for them and they are really quick projects, so I am not stressing about them.

I have other projects that I want to get to but until Christmas gifting is finished, they will have to wait.  

I talked to my daughter in law yesterday about this home made Christmas idea that we thought was so peachy last year.  We are both so burned out with it.  We have agreed that we can do homemade next year but only if we really find something that is perfect for the person.  Otherwise, we will be free to buy a gift that fits the person's needs.  

Normally, I make dishcloths each year and gift those to my friends (they even ask for them around August).  I like to make bed socks for my mom as she so loves them.  I make at least one pair of socks for someone during that time of year.  But I also like shop for special items that I know a person needs or wants.  This year, there are no dishcloths made at all.  I did get the bed socks made and as you can tell, I made other socks for gifts.  But there are a couple of people that are getting gifts that I hope they will love and will use.  It's not something I think they would normally ask for, but it is so close to Christmas and I have run out of brilliant ideas.  Especially for MEN!  So Pajama pants will be made soon and THEY. WILL. LOVE. THEM!

As for my oral surgery.................I am healing just fine.  I didn't even have much pain with it so that was a good thing.  Today, I am actually getting to eat food that is not mushy.  Still have to be a little careful as the sites are not completely closed yet, but it is almost there.  One good thing from all of forced me to quit smoking.  I have wanted to stop for some time now and today marks 1 week smoke free.  I don't even really miss it.  

OK, I need to get back to my Big Man Socks so I can move on to something else.

Until next time....................Happy Crafting!


  1. Wonderful projects - every one! I'm so impressed with what you've gotten done. And congrats of a smoke-free week, Marsha. I hope the very best for you in this regard.

  2. What a great array of finished projects! I'm sorry it had to come at the expense of a tooth extraction but it paid off not just in FO's but also a smoke free week! Well done you and I wish you many more smoke free weeks Marsha, amazing!

  3. Great projects! I love your patterns, yarns and colors. I would buy kits from you!LOL! Both pairs of socks look wonderful and you do such nice work. I love the mermaid sack. I saw one of a shark but it might have been a rug and I have a grand that just loves sharks so I think I will make that for his birthday next summer. She's going to love that mermaid blanket/sack....too cute! I've got some sewing to do too and I do buy a few little items that are fitting to the person. My son is always calling me for my address so he's getting a "filled in" address book for one of his gifts! LOL!The pj pants are a great idea. I'm making coasters and pillow cases...hopefully!
    Good luck to us all with our deadlines!
    Congrats on the no smoking.....that's why I took up knitting so I would have something to do with my hands when I quit. I hope your mouth heals up good as new! Take care!

  4. I hope your gums are feeling better today :-) Every cloud though, you have some beautiful projects there! Congratulations on the smoke free week.

  5. Congratulations on quitting! I hope you celebrate your freedom every day, like I did.... And remember, there's no such thing as "just one"!

    You have so many great projects on the go! Socks that are 100 grams each? Nope, I wouldn't ever consider knitting another pair! The mermaid afghan is a awesome! I want one!,!!!


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