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Monday, September 8, 2014

YoP week 10

A day late but with good reason.............................I didn't have time yesterday or any time this weekend to even think about blogging.  Wanna know why? WARNING:  The first two pictures are taken with my phone so the color is horrible and the clarity is pretty bad too.

This is the reason why.  We had our grand daughter all weekend so her parents could have a nice out of town trip with some friends.  Along with the GD came her school pet, Snowman the Guinea Pig.  What an adventure for us.  We have never owned a GP.  We have had hamsters. gerbils, cats, dogs and fish but never a GP!  He was kind of fun to watch and play with.  I was concerned that my dogs would go crazy when he got here, but I don't think they ever knew he was here.  We kept him in her room and kept the door closed most of the time.

So why do I have time today to do my blog?  Shouldn't I be at the office slaving away over a computer and medical charges?

This is a picture of my back yard this morning.  That is about 6 inches of water standing back there.  Doesn't seem too bad, huh?  I left my house at 7 this morning and made it one mile in 30 minutes.  There was over 2 feet of water in all directions from my house and I decided that flooding out my car was not the way I wanted to start off my week.  So I turned around and BARELY made it back home.  We have had over 5 inches of rain in about 5 hours.  Doesn't sound too bad?  Well Peeps, we live in a desert and there is no drainage. Our ground is rock hard and the water has no where to go. The boss closed the office today as none of us live anywhere the office.

But I did get something this weekend that made me smile......................................

This is the baby blanket I made for my boss' great grand daughter.  They wanted to pay me for it and I told them all I wanted was a picture of her wrapped in it.  They are so happy with the blanket as they didn't get any blankets for her and they live in COLORADO!  That is cold cold climate in the winter.

As for crafting this week................I finished another pair of slippers.  Remember I was going to knit the 'little' pair of slippers.  I finished the first one..............it was suppose to fit a size 3 youth foot.......................it was too big for my hubby's size 9 men's foot.  Scratch that one.  So I crocheted them.  They are now perfect in size.  I would post a picture of them by the person they are meant for is a visitor of my blog/house too often and will see them.  Want them to be a surprise for her for Christmas.

I started on another pair of slippers and have not done much on them as I am kind of getting slipper burn out.  So I cast on a project to work on and found out I was using the wrong needle size and the wrong yarn.  I will rip that out and then go back to the slippers and finish them up.  I think the boo boo on the new cast on project was a sign.

That is about all from this end of the world today.

Happy Crafting.


  1. A lovely post... your grand daughter is beautiful, what fun to have her and a GP!!
    hope the flooding doesn't get any worse... x

  2. Granddaughter and a guinea pig!! Sounds like fun! I hope the rain has abated now and you are no longer in the middle of a flood. The picture of your blanket in use is adorable and better than any payment.

  3. That is a lot of water! Our forecast was for heavy rain - 50 mm per hour - but the storm just glanced us and we only got 9 mm altogether. Sorry you weren't so lucky! Do you have a basement?

    Lovely pic of the baby in the blanket. And isn't it lovely to see that they appreciate your hard work!

  4. Oh how sweet is your granddaughter and her GP, what a great reason to not blog for the weekend. That is the most adorable picture of a baby I've seen in awhile, sweet and she looks so cosy in the blanket. Yayyy to the unexpected day off and where that amount of water is perfectly normal day in day out here in Ireland I can see why it would be a problem if you've land that has no drainage, we do have drainage although I do wonder how it isn't water logged with it all. Also that amount of rain is perfectly normal for us in Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn :)

  5. Oh, Marsha...stay safe! I saw on the news the terrible weather you were having and all the flooding.
    Your little grand daughter is so sweet with her GP. And the baby wrapped in the blanket...ahhh...so precious. Sounds like you had one of those weeks where you take 5 steps forward and 10 steps backward...don't feel bad...I have those all the time! LOL!


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