Sunday, September 14, 2014


Goodness Gracious...................This year is just flying by!  Each week I try to figure out how it came to Sunday again so quickly.  Old age must finally be catching up with me.

Had a productive week, sort of.  Didn't really work on anything on my list though.  That darn baby blanket pattern I got was making me nuts.  I just had to do it.  So I cast on again with a different yarn this time, but with the proper size needles.

It is such a simple pattern to remember and it is one that I can sit and watch TV and not have to look at all the time.

The pattern is made up from my DIL's mom.  She was so kind to write it out for me.  I called her the other day and asked her if they take long to make as I really didn't want a never ending project.  She said,"well not really.  I am on #5 since I saw you last".  I saw her the first of August so that means she has cranked out 4 of these babies in 6 weeks.  I was a little upset as I have worked on this one for a whole week and am not even half way done with it.  Then I asked her how often she knits...........................Well, she is retired and they do a lot of traveling and she gets bored with the drive so she knits "about 5-6 hours a day". NO WONDER!  I am lucky if I get 2 hours a day to knit.  So I am right on track with the timing of this.

Remember the slipper mess up I told you about last week?  Well, I do have pictures that I can post now.  My little blog snooper is no where around me today so I can put them on here.

The top one is the one that I knitted and when I started, it was right on gauge.  Seems it grew as I went along.  The bottom ones are the crocheted and completed one the will fit nicely on a sweet little girl come Christmas time.  Same yarn but it sure looks different when crocheted then when knitted.  Oh well.

I still need to get 'adornments' for all the slippers I have completed.  I am hoping that I can get to the scrapbook store this week to find buttons that will work on all of them.

I will probably pick up the half finished slipper this week and try and complete that pair so I can cross it off my list.  I miscalculated the number of slippers I needed for Christmas!  It was only one less, but that is one less that I need to stress over.  I also want to get back to my dishcloths and crank a few more of those out.  And that SOCK!!!!  I really need to pick it up at least a couple times a week and put some rows on it so it will be done by Christmas too.  I love doing socks but the needles are so small that my hands can only do a short amount of time before they protest.  And I have sooooooo many sock patterns that I want to do.  I may have to go back to magic loop as that didn't seem to bother my hands as much.  But I so love my DPN's.  (insert frowny face) 

Got lots of household things I need to do today before I can kick back and pick up my crafting, so I had better get off of here and get busy.

Happy Crafting!

So lets see where we are at:

YoP 4 List
New items to do

(These make the best Christmas gifts and my entire family said they need new ones)

WIP's to complete

Log Cabin Blanket
(This has been in my WIP pile for about 3 years now.  It needs to leave it)

One sock
(This also needs to be done for Christmas.  It's been lingering around for 6 months)

Yearly projects I do anyway

12 dishcloths 
( These also make such nice Christmas gifts and are quick and fun to do)

( I love doing them and can not say how many pairs I will complete but need to do some)

Things to increase my skills

2-3 test knits/crochet
(I have done a few of these over the past year and loved doing them.  They totally test my skills as a crafter and help me branch out into areas I would never ever think of going)
Personal Goal

Use only the yarn from my stash for all the above projects.
( I am truly going to try NOT to purchase any more yarn this year.  I have already gone 4 months without buying any yarn and I figure I can continue that trend for at least another 12 months.)

Take photos of ALL items when done.
(I have a habit of gifting items and never photographing them for my blog)
YUP, SO FAR AS OF 9/14/14

Lapghan for my mom
(I started on this on July 1st since this is when the official YoP 4 started)

2-3 Doll Clothes
(I really want to get this done this year......I really do)

1 fingerless mitt
( This is for a Christmas gift this year so it WILL be done soon)
FINISHED 8/12/14


  1. That baby blanket is gorgeous and it sounds like your right on track with it. I do much prefer the crochet version of the slipper even if the knit one was the right size.

  2. lovely yarn for the baby blanket x

  3. The baby blanket is like a garden in itself.

  4. Well, 5-6 hours of knitting time a day?! I'd probably knit blankets too! At an hour or so a day blankets can be endless! Looks lovely though!

    Very interesting how different that yarn looks when crocheted compared to knit. Neat!

  5. Love that baby blanket and I agree with Kepanie, it looks like a pretty. You're like me...I only get a couple hours a day. I'm retired but I have 3 animals, a big house and a big yard plus I make all my food from scratch. No wonder we don't have FO's but every once in awhile! LOL! Have a good week!
    Oh, I love the slippers too. what a difference between knitted and crocheted.

  6. Nice looking blanket! Slippers are my favourite to make for ppl too... Even gone so far this year to ask the teachers for their shoe size...


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