Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 12 and having fun

I have progress to show and something new.  I am so glad to say, I actually worked on one of my YoP items this week.  I also continued on the baby blanket and am on skein two.

It doesn't appear to be growing to me, but according to the yarn usage, it has to be.  I am still loving the pattern of this and think my DIL's mom should put it on ravelry so others could enjoy it too.  But she isn't on ravelry and so I am going to ask her if I can put it on there for her.

I worked on 'the sock' this week.

I am only about 1 inch away from doing the start of the heel.  This is my favorite everyday pattern.  It is Car Socks.  I have done several pairs with this pattern and I will make them longer, shorter, wider and narrower depending on the recipient.  But I love her heel on these.  Although, I will say that I want to try the Fish Lips Kiss heel on the next pair I do.

Now for my most exciting news for this week!!!!!!!!!!  I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hand (and other joint of my body).  So, sock knitting has been a problem for me.  The tiny needles play havoc with my joints of my fingers and wrists.  I have tried circulars and DPN's and nothing really helped me.  I would be able to work on the sock for about 10 minutes and that was it for the day and then it would be so hard for me to even pick up a needle or hook for the rest of the day after that.  I love knitting socks.  I love the satisfaction I get from giving others something that is so 'personally' made for them.  I love watching how the construction of a sock goes together. 

So I took a leap of faith.  Well, maybe not a huge leap.  I went onto all my knitting facebook pages and asked around about square needles for people with RA and other joint and tendon issues.  I got so many responses!  I was totally in shock.  Only one person said she hated her square needles.  THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!  I took the leap of faith and order two circular needles for sock knitting.  Magic loop was the first way I learned to do socks and will be willing to go back to that if the needles work.

Lousy picture, I know.  But this is my brand new Kollage Square needle size US 2.  I was knitting the socks on size one and the website for the needles said, most people needed to go up one size to maintain gauge.  So I order the US 2 and US 3.  I put the US 2 on those sock and BINGO!!!!!!!!!!  Perfect match to the size US 1.  I knit on those needles for 3 hours the first night without any pain that night or the next morning.  I have been using them since Thursday and have not had a cramp, shooting pain, red and swollen knuckles etc since I switched to them.  

So how do I celebrate?  By ordering 4 more pairs of them in the sizes I use the most (taking into account the fact I need to go up one needle size for gauge).  I am so excited.  I know there are other brands of square needles, but I wanted metal ones as I am a bit rough on needles.  Now the plus side on the Kollage can order soft or 'firm' cables on the needles.  I ordered the soft for the magic loop and they just might be a bit too soft.  So on the next ones I ordered the firm as I will be doing blankets, sweaters, and larger items on them and don't need the limp cable when I go to slide it.  They should be in this week and I will let you know next week how much firmer the cables are.  But as far as the soft cables go..................they don't kink, twist, knot or go out of shape.  I love the cables.  

Yup, I am back in the sock knitting business.  WOOHOO!

I am looking at my list and see I need to get back on track with the slippers and dishcloths.  Hopefully I can bring myself to pick up slippers again this week.  I am still kind of burnt out from doing so many in such a short time.

The Dishcloths will probably be picked up when I get my new needles in.  I don't have too many more to do and they go so nice and quick.

I am having a VERY hard time not buying any yarn.  There are some great sales going on and I have been very tempted.  Even my Hubby told me I have too much yarn for me to be purchasing anymore.  He is totally right.  (darn it)  So I will continue to knit/crochet down my stash this year.  I should be good for well over a year in the yarn department.  It's just so hard when I see a good bamboo, cotton, linen or other non wool fiber going on sale for a ridiculously low price and I know I don't 'need' it but I 'want' it.

Question for you...................I have gift cards for my LYS...................if I got yarn with them, would that break my YoP of not purchasing any yarn this year?  It's not money from my pocket!  HEEHEE...........................I will rationalize anything at this point.

Here is how I am doing so far.

YoP 4 List
New items to do

(These make the best Christmas gifts and my entire family said they need new ones)

WIP's to complete

Log Cabin Blanket
(This has been in my WIP pile for about 3 years now.  It needs to leave it)

One sock
(This also needs to be done for Christmas.  It's been lingering around for 6 months)

Yearly projects I do anyway

12 dishcloths 
( These also make such nice Christmas gifts and are quick and fun to do)

( I love doing them and can not say how many pairs I will complete but need to do some)

Things to increase my skills

2-3 test knits/crochet
(I have done a few of these over the past year and loved doing them.  They totally test my skills as a crafter and help me branch out into areas I would never ever think of going)
Personal Goal

Use only the yarn from my stash for all the above projects.
( I am truly going to try NOT to purchase any more yarn this year.  I have already gone 4 months without buying any yarn and I figure I can continue that trend for at least another 12 months.)

Take photos of ALL items when done.
(I have a habit of gifting items and never photographing them for my blog)
YUP, SO FAR AS OF 9/21/14

Lapghan for my mom
(I started on this on July 1st since this is when the official YoP 4 started)

2-3 Doll Clothes
(I really want to get this done this year......I really do)

1 fingerless mitt
( This is for a Christmas gift this year so it WILL be done soon)
FINISHED 8/12/14


  1. Square needles huh? That's awesome! Time to change that list to add more socks!!!!

    The blanket looks lovely, but isn't blanket progress always slow and wearying?!

    And no, I don't think using gift cards count. Really, it'd be wasteful not to use them!

  2. Yayyy to having found a needle that will help with sock knitting how wonderful. I don't think using a voucher counts as buying yarn, it would be awful waste not to use it and I always feel a bit of a snub when you don't use the voucher someone got for you. Does that answer your q?

  3. I have RA but I take Enbrel which keeps the joint damage and pain away but it is pricey...probably why you have more yarn than me! LOL!
    I've seen those square needles but thought they would be uncomfortable....boy was I wrong, huh? SO glad you found something to help you.
    I would love to have the pattern for that blanket! It is SO pretty!
    Also, I think you need to do what gives you joy as long as it isn't hurting anyone is short! Also, they expire after awhile plus it was a present to you. The gifter would be hurt if you didn't use it. I know I would be. You go girl!

  4. Brilliant news about the needles, here's to less pain!! Blanket is looking fabulous and it goes so slowly, but then will suddenly grow and you'll be nearly there!
    Definitely use the vouchers and it wouldn't be breaking the diet, that is money already spent, so it's like you have it in stash already!!


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