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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Another week has passed and I really don't have a lot to show for that week.  I will show you that I managed to get 3 dish cloths finished.

These will be given away at Christmas time with a nice bottle of soap to go with them.  It felt good to do a 'quick' project.  But please don't tell anyone that I am doing these for gifts.  It's a secret.  HEEHEE

Then I asked to do a test knit for one of our fellow YoP bloggers.  So I started immediately on that.

This is all I can show you until the test is over.  But I will say that it will go along with my YoP list and I am totally enjoying it.

This is my first test knit.  I have always wanted to try and do one but have been kind of nervous about it.  I keep thinking things like:  What if I can't make the deadline, what if my knitting is not advanced enough, what if I totally mess up the test knit,  What if I........................well you get the picture.  But this time the deadline is set but is not set in stone.  The designer is so sweet and nice and is there to answer any questions and is very concerned with any issues you may be having.  I am blessed to have picked this for my first test knit.

In the family area..........................I am still in a 'boot' for my foot.  I see the Doctor on Tuesday and hopefully I can go back to normal shoes and get back to the gym.  

We have our grand daughter coming over today to have a sleep over since there is not school tomorrow.  She loves having sleepovers at MiMi and Pop Pop's house.  We will treasure these moments as long as we can.  There will come a time when she will not be wanting to spend any time with us old people.  She will be too busy with her friends and social life.  But until that times comes...................................we have SLEEPOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Love the cloths! I won't tell anyone ;)

  2. I won't tell either. They're lovely colours and patterns!

    Enjoy your sleepover! Not too much junk food!

  3. I won't tell anyone either! Lovely colours and patterns.

    Enjoy your sleepover, but not too much junk food!

  4. I'm whispering....love the cloths!
    You've gotten more done than me and I thought I was doing pretty good. LOL! The yarn on the test knit is yummy! I feel a yarn order coming on! Have fun with the grandgirl and hope you're back at the gym in no time!

  5. The dishcloths look great. The first really caught my eye with it's zig zaggy variegation! Have fun with your granddaugter. I love how she calls you something other than Grandma and Grandpa! My daughters call my parents Bella & Big Pop!

  6. Lovely stitch patterns on the dishcloths!

  7. Enjoy the sleepovers, my mom loves when she has the children in the summer for sleepovers, during school she has to contend with visits. *whispers, love the cloths and won't say a word

  8. I like the little handle of the cloths. Such a cute idea.

  9. Ohhh! A sleepover! I am counting the days until my oldest granddaughter is old enough to come spend the weekend with Mimi and Poppi--they live 3 hours away so a weekend it will need to be. She will be 4 in November so maybe next spring or summer. I hope your time was extra special and memory making.

    I am sending you happy thoughts to get out of that boot soon--how annoying they are. :)

  10. The dishcloths look great! And I'm looking forward to seeing the test knit when you can share. Sometimes the best test knitters are the ones that are unsure because they pick up things that people buying the pattern will pick up


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